Thursday, January 29, 2009

another day...

Hello, Happy CNY everyone!
Yesterday, i had my date with Tasha, Heidy and Shane again.
This time i got no pictures, forgot to bring my camera and i cant use my phone, is crapping lousy.
Neway, as planned last friday, we went over to Shane's house yesterday for movie marathon.
They came fetched me from college train station around 11am. Heidy drove his car too.
Shane's house is at Kota Kemuning, super nice man his house. Is like those awesomely nice show houses that i always go into with my mom and sister. Mirrors all over the house, Heidy said that if there is a thief, sure can spot easily wan.
We watched underworld 1&2, to compromise what we have digested last friday. hahahaha. then we watch american pie too, funny movie. Domino for lunch!
Oh yeah, how can i forgot about Fluffy.. the dog, so cute. Tasha found a cat, i have no idea where, hahahaha.
Then around 6pm, they all came over to klang for my cell leader dinner gathering, sis kim house. We play, ate and play more, hahaha, was much fun. I was so glad that they mixed will with everyone.
After that they all came back to my house for some chit-chatting session. hahaha, there is just so many things to talk about. I havent really get the chance to hang out with them ever since orientation week. When they are having holidays, am having classes and vice versa.
They are actually the first few people i hang out with alot during orientation week. After class started, we were all in our own directions. It was fun get to hang out with them again.
They going to start class again next week while i'm having holidays. hahaha, though, i'll still be working in collage, so i may just meet them up for lunch or something.
The whole day ended around 12am. Omgosh, it was one long but short day. It was over just too fast. hahaha...

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