Friday, January 30, 2009

i'm still awake.

woke up at 3pm + a cup of coffee after dinner = Cant sleep for the rest of the night

I want to sleep!
I know, i'm surprise myself too.
Usually i would pray for more time by sacrificing my sleep to complete all my work.
Now, when is holiday for me, my time turns even more upside down.

I've been thinking (the effect of too much free time), since i'm soon going into my 3rd and final semester for my foundation, it's time for me to really pray hard for full scholarship for my degree. I just really hope i could somehow be noticed by some 'mass communication related-job' company and would offer me a full scholarship, maybe a year to UNISA would be a bonus.

I've also been thinking (same reason), i really want to write more with more precise and accurate language. I also want to use more bombastic words with deeper meanings. I somehow all of the sudden wants to improve my english language. I dont seems to be able to catch inspiration. I dont have alot of my own ideas, i'm not a mastermind for anything. I need to be creative and innovative. i want to know more, i want to be in fashion industry, i want to be in entertaiment industry. Crap, this is like becoming my resolutions, hahaha.

I love the media, i love the technology. I want to learn more things about them. I want to learn to be a radio DJ, to be an emcee on TV, to be a singer,dancer and actress. Omgosh, i cant stop pouring out my dreams and wishes. I need to find a way to make it come true. Okay, maybe after my studiest.

For now, i'm enjoying life with a loving family and awesome friends around me. I have just enough of everything, i'm blessed much by God.
This is the type of post you get when you have to much to time in hand, you'll ended up posting crap about your life.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

another day...

Hello, Happy CNY everyone!
Yesterday, i had my date with Tasha, Heidy and Shane again.
This time i got no pictures, forgot to bring my camera and i cant use my phone, is crapping lousy.
Neway, as planned last friday, we went over to Shane's house yesterday for movie marathon.
They came fetched me from college train station around 11am. Heidy drove his car too.
Shane's house is at Kota Kemuning, super nice man his house. Is like those awesomely nice show houses that i always go into with my mom and sister. Mirrors all over the house, Heidy said that if there is a thief, sure can spot easily wan.
We watched underworld 1&2, to compromise what we have digested last friday. hahahaha. then we watch american pie too, funny movie. Domino for lunch!
Oh yeah, how can i forgot about Fluffy.. the dog, so cute. Tasha found a cat, i have no idea where, hahahaha.
Then around 6pm, they all came over to klang for my cell leader dinner gathering, sis kim house. We play, ate and play more, hahaha, was much fun. I was so glad that they mixed will with everyone.
After that they all came back to my house for some chit-chatting session. hahaha, there is just so many things to talk about. I havent really get the chance to hang out with them ever since orientation week. When they are having holidays, am having classes and vice versa.
They are actually the first few people i hang out with alot during orientation week. After class started, we were all in our own directions. It was fun get to hang out with them again.
They going to start class again next week while i'm having holidays. hahaha, though, i'll still be working in collage, so i may just meet them up for lunch or something.
The whole day ended around 12am. Omgosh, it was one long but short day. It was over just too fast. hahaha...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Truman show

I’ve just finished watching ‘The Truman Show’. I would say that I was really impressed by the content of the story. It was a mixture of comedy and heartbreaking scenes. It wasn’t like any other stories that were common these days, there were nothing about war or romance. It was just about a man’s life to be viewed worldwide and it came to a point where he realize that the world he lived in ever since he was born wasn’t real. He thought that he was just like anybody else living in a normal live while in actual fact he was living on a Hollywood set that was made real to be a beautiful island. His life was actually the focus of a reality television show called ‘The Truman Show’ where audiences watching his life were increasing day by day, he became the most popular man on earth without him even knowing it. Poor Truman doesn’t have any real friends and family because all of them were actors, even the bus driver and the boatman doesn’t know how to drive them. The sun, moon, stars and rain were all perfectly made, beautiful at the same time breath taking.

Why would people love watching him? Why is his show so interesting? It is because the reality TV that they produce was truly a reality TV, It wasn’t a drama with script. Ok wait, I was wrong. Everything was fake and script except Truman himself. It was interesting to watch other people’s life and to see what is their reaction in a certain situation. Honestly, let’s just say we are all busybodies! We so called ‘want to care’; I mean just admit it that it’s GOSSIP! Pure Gossip! We all have the desire and the curiosity to know what is next but have you ever wonder that if everything was known, there will be no more mystery and surprises. There will be nothing for you to be adventurous about, nothing to explore and nothing for us to appreciate more. When things come easily, you will always pass by and pay less attention because you know that they will always be there. You always assume that there will be another time to express your appreciation but life is unfair, you might lose it before you know it.

Truman would rather have real life than living in one that is unreal because you will never know who is you true friend, they might be just acting. Ask yourself, would you rather be hurt and experience true friendship, hardship and love? Or would you rather sacrifice your privacy and live in a life where everything is ‘perfect’?

Yes, we all complain about almost anything but we should start appreciating what we have and to accept for the reasons things happened. When the time comes, we should also stand up for what we believe in and fight for what is right peacefully without arms. Don’t stereotype or be bias, trying looking at it in a different perspective. It might be more than you have expected, give yourself time to think twice before rushing but at the same time just flow with it. Have a little faith in people and care, not everything revolves around you. There are still many living with you.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Full day outing

10.30am - Went over to Mentari and meet Tasha. Heidy fetch us up from there.
11am - Pyramid meet up with Serene and Shane.
11.20am - movie, Underworld 3.

Lunch in Carl's Junior, talk talk talk, man lots of news(gossip)!! hahahaha. Cant stop laughing!
They are just so funny people at a different degree. hahaha.
Played some racing car game, dunno how many crapping round. i always end up last, the only time i won was because they where all busy banging each other while i just happily drive thru! This show fighting doesn't solves problem. hahahaha.. Though, they were all awesome drivers, can really speed!

We are all gonna meet up again on Wednesday to watch underworld 1&2 and they force me to watch Transformers.

Japanese ice cream.

Tasha & Heidy

Ice Cream

Shane & Serene

Tasha & Heidy

Shane, Tasha, Heidy & Me

Serene, Shane, Tasha & Heidy
Primary School Reunion
-Station 1-
Honestly, i dun remember anyone at all. I'm so blur all the time. Nice to all of them again, after 7Years!


Group Picture!
the end. Tired like mad, now watching tuxedo with my brother on TV. Nites ppl!

Bling-a-'thang' and Avril.L pink hair

2nd semester finally ended. I was looking forward for this day to come. I still remember hugging those girls after IT exam today, they were all going back to their hometown until the next semester. I'll be missing them so much! If you actually get to hang out with them, they are all actually frecking funny in their on way. They look very quiet only. We make the most noise foundation class. I thank God that i have all of them as my classmates. I love this class!
I want to bling my Phone but i dun wan spoil it, so i wont pimp it but i will pimp my MP4.
I want to dye my hair pink like Avril.L but parents dont let, so i wont but i'll buy extensions.
I cant wait for results, i so want to know my results. Hopefully i din do that badly.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Pictures... long time pictures that i didnt post.

We go lepak after prayer meeting! Its not beer, its just very sweet chrysanthemum tea.

Zlwin on Guitars

Switch! Adrian is now on Bass while Poh leong on Drums.

Su ling on keys

Saturday band practice.

Yes sarah, this is how you apply mask.

Cam whore at Kim, Sarah and i was testing on Artistic by Amway products.

Picture 3!

Picture too!


Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've changed my Msn Version.
Its cute!
Still not use to yet but will soon doo...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Last day of class!

Today is the last day of class of my 2nd semester. I'll be having my finals exam next week which i'm so not ready. I lost focus during my listening test today. I'm dead. Anyway, here is some pictures.

Christine and Michelle at the train station.

Carl, another student helper of Kevan. Taiwanese, studying Computing.
He is leaving for Australia soon, today last day of work.
So sad!!
Chai Kim Pong, hahaha, he was super quiet when he started working.
After we the comm students work, he learn how to talk!
He can talk d, no more quiet guy. hahaha.

Kevan, me boss.
Very nice person, very sociable, nobody believes she's an Comp Science student.

Andrew, hahaha, sorry, he wasnt ready but serene lah, sengaja press the button.
Funny guy. Kutuk serene like mad.

Miss May, Camera shy.

Miss Set Li, Bigger boss.
Very pretty lady.
hardly talk to her but she is nice.
In the library,after so long,finally a picture of the library again.
Not studying, just wasting time. Waiting for 12pm, listening test.

serene and izzuddin.

This crappy aaron.

Couple up, Imran and Michelle.

Christine the amplifier.
Telephone di tahan polis.

ID College, semua di tahan sebab buat bising is Library!


Hyperactive ppl !

Crystalbelle. dont be deceive by her looks! hahaha...

(left-right) Rhea, me, Grace.

(left-right) Kai chin,yvonne,qer xin. Hardworking geng!

Miss azizah. ECS 2 lecturer.

me and serene.

Group photo, boss and helper. Zhao wern and qer xin is not there.
Look at my stupid eye. bodoh....

This is carl, cute right. Too bad, he is going away d!
he is zhao wern and serenes' cutey.
Joanne and i think he is so-so la..
bUt he very nice guy, very presentable.
Last shot of the day, in the train on the way back.
we went guardian and McD after that. I bought 2 new lip balm. I'll review later. Now waiting for Esther to go cell in Hwai Tah house. Joining YAF Tonight.