Monday, December 8, 2008

today at work

9-4pm job,
hehehe, Chef Karam made cream puff again!! yummm yummm....
He is one of the great Pastry Chefs!!
Fat wei working there, hahahaha, everytime eat only!! I lurveeeee it!
I get to know so many ppl ever since i started working there, especially when my Boss, Kevan is so outgoing and friendly.
Everytime when someone enrolled, i feel like i've contributed at least a tiny bit of their enrollement.
Thank God For The Job!

About the shadow palette i was talking about, i tried it a moment ago and it was better than i expected. I thought that all these drugstore brand, the colour will not be that obvious but it works like any other shadow.
the colour is intense and really nice.
I lurveeeee it.

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