Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that i've bought, things that i've learn and things that the FICM will be selling.

I've went a serious deep shopping spree with Sarah last sunday after service. It is something we havent done together for a super long time. We went to old JJ.

Elianto was on 50% sale on certain items and it was like my 1st experience for Elianto to be on 50% sale! So i've bought their princess nail polish which before this was RM8, after was RM4. Colour is quite nice, can check out my fingernails now.

I've also bought their Baked Shadow, as shown on the left picture. I bought this colour cause i'm now in all the natural look. It was suppose to be RM15 but after discount was only RM7.50! Super saver!

Then, we went into Watson. As usual, Watson will have those certain items on super sale. I came across these mints.

I'm now on the craze of boxed mint. I have so many different types of mint till people thinks that i have bad breath.

Anyway, I wanted to try them so long ago. 1. Cause I like the packaging, 2. IT's JUST SO NICE! They got many other flavour but i picked lime and blackcurrent.

Price is 1 for RM6 something and 2 for RM10.80.

Foundation in Communication

July Intake 2008


We are doing Christmas Dedication!

Please support us for our event that is coming soon in January @ Taylors PJ Campus.

The cost of this Bear Bouquet is ONLY RM9.

It comes with one Ferrero Rocher and a Christmas bear wrapped into a really beautiful bouquet. All hand wrapped by FICM July intake students. Every single twist and turn is made with the heart that has a full Christmas spirit!

Please Email me @
to place order. We'll discuss through email about the postage price if required. If it is places that we could sent easily, we wont charge extra.

There will also be candycane selling soon. Pictures will be posted up soon. All these are only at limited time. Cause is only for Fundraising for our next event.

Talking about the review of the Diamonds perfume, YUP! As expected! I still smell good after a whole long day in college, summit and giant. Walking alot to find these fundraising stuffs. Love those perfumes!

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