Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rosette Coutures by Shannon Keng

Hey yo,

Just a review here.

I've recently bought samples of perfumes which is sold by my friend Shannon.

Is good to have small size perfume in hand cause you could just bring anywhere.

Though, after testing these perfumes, I've found out that they are very lasting. At the end of the day, you still can smell yourselves in these perfumes.

So basically, you actually don't even need to bring them out with you cause you'll still smell good after a long day.

This is my personal favorite! DKNY Delicious Night.

I've been wanting to try this perfume ever since it was launch but as you know me, I'm crapping stingy. I will never buy the expensive real thing unless I'm super crazy about it.

After a while so happen that my friend Shannon started her blog boutique business was selling all kinds of perfumes and stuffs.

I told myself i have to get this perfume! True enough i wasn't disappointed by the smell, i fell in love with it almost instantly.

Armani Diamonds...

I just got this today, havent gone through the day test yet but i'll test it tomorrow and do a review on it later.

So far its just alright, smell is not bad but it wasnt what i've kind of expected. It doesnt smell the way i thought it would be.

I'm not sure but i felt it smells very common. Doesnt really catch my breath and make me say wow.

All these perfumes are still available!
Price is only either Rm 12 OR Rm 10!

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