Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey everyone!

Havent been saying hello to all of you lately.

Basically, have been a super busy semester, short semester.

24 hours a day is like pratically not enough.

Planning an event in 7 weeks is crapping crazy.

But thank God that classmates were cooperative.

Most of the time if i'm not in class then i'll be at work.

Holiday also work. This Saturday and Sunday i have to go back to college for Campus Day.

Haven study!

IT is super confusing! But lecturer super Hawt! They call him Mr.Suresh, Mohinder Suresh from Hero's. Yup, that's how hot is he! Tall, dark and handsome! hahahahaha.

Sleep is important!

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funkayMonkay said...

lol idk why alot of girls dig the lecturers there XD