Monday, December 22, 2008

Disappointed in CARING PHARMACY and more reviews!


I saw that Caring Pharmacy was having a great sale on Silkygirl products. On purchasing an item, you'll receive a calender and if you purchase Rm20 and above, you are entitled to a makeup pouch. I was happily buying 2 new FUNKY EYELINERS in cool blue and solid gold, previously i had the frosty silver. Other than that, i've also bought some hansaplast(plaster) and Lady Speed Stick Deodorant. Before i do the reviews, let me give a piece of my mind on the Caring Pharmacy in AEON, Bukit Tinggi.

I was at the counter paying, i asked the lady for confirmation on the pouch and calender. So she told me that the calender is out but the pouch might have, she got someone to check for me. At the same time, she was also asking her friend beside her whether if there's stock or not. Her friend was like " I think finish d la, that day the girl took the last wan ". Of course i was a bit sad la cause i purposely went there to buy those stuff just for the free gift but what hit me the most is that when the lady respond to her friend " don't tell or talk here 1st, wait wait, later only we see ". The way she said it was like, if i know that there is no pouch in stock, i wont buy the eyeliner. I was already at the mid of paying, do you think i would ask for a refund? I am even more disappointed now on the service than not getting the pouch.

Anyway, as i was saying that i've bought the cool blue and solid gold funky eyeliner. It was ON SALE. Original price was suppose to be RM14++ but now is only RM10.90 in caring pharmacy while it's only RM10.88 in Guardian. Both stores you are entitled to a free calender. The differences is that in caring if you purchase RM20 and above, there will be a free pouch but Guardian don't. Of course while stock last.

Though SILKYGIRL is a drugstore brand, I find that their eyeliner is quite alright comparing with other brands. Other pencil eyeliner is rather to hard, doesn't give the easy glide on feature. These funky eyeliner is really off the hook! My very first eyeliner was the frosty silver, i guess i had some trust in this brand's to be my beginner kit cause i love that the colour is really shimmery! I didn't wanted to start on black eyeliner cause it will make my eye looked like just being punched! I would really recommend this product to those whom planning on starting on eyeliners. It has a really soft creamy texture that makes the color comes easily but the downside is that you’ll have to be extra careful upon sharpening it. Is best to stick to the basics by putting the pencil eyeliners in the freezer first before sharpening, this will help set the texture. Is really not that hard to use, you could always check out the YOUTUBE for guide but be careful on some prank video, some are there just for entertainment and self humiliation. I just don’t get them sometimes but I’m alright with that as long as you are not hurting anyone.
By the way, the pictures I got it from this website or Blog. Should really check it out, it has more of other reviews too.
I’ll do a review on the Deodorant after I’ve test it out. For a start, I love the smell and I love that is in a stick form! Its RM 8.90. Nice packaging too.