Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Tube

YouTube is now a very renowned website where basically anyone could publish their videos. Honestly, I myself do love hunting for interesting videos on YouTube. It is really helpful in many ways. For example if you need to find some advertisement for assignment, YouTube is always there. Of course, you also have to count your luck because not always you get what you want basis. You have to make the best out of what you have got, be creative to improvise and improve on adapting changes that at the beginning didn’t go according to your plan. This actually help to improve critical thinking as you will crack your brain to think outside of the box, this usually happens when you have no other choice or alternatives.

Personally, I love using YouTube to search for makeup tips, nail care tips, skin care tips and etc. Before this, I used to search for all these tips from Yahoo or Google and usually the result will always be in a way that I will have to read and use my imaginative mind to figure out how it will look like after this is done or that is done. Most of the time when I try the tips out by following exactly the way they guided, it usually don’t turn out right. It will always be a huge difference from what I had in mind. With YouTube is different because it is visual, most individual works better with videos. One great thing about video is that you are able to see how the exact look will be like, there is nothing to be unsure of. Besides that, most of the videos are quite clear and if you have a good reception for internet line, you do not need to wait for very long for loading.

Since anyone could be their own producer, people start posting all kinds of stuff on YouTube. From homemade comedy to homemade sex videos. It is good that we could see many talents were found but pornography is not something that should be allowed on YouTube. These days, many kids are actually getting a hang off computers as it has been a must for an individual to know how to operate a computer in this world. I believe that in the future the computers will be getting even more complicated and advance. Most of the things now are run by computers or machines, we hardly keep records in fail form anymore. It is outdated and inconvenient.

If I’m not mistaken, YouTube management did have an above 18 policy to enter to pornography videos. It is where you will have to identify yourself as 18 years old and above, then only you will be allowed to enter the site. It is good that they have thought about this thing but with these days, anyone could fake their identity. It is the internet, nobody is real. Many had lie about themselves on the chat room and blogs. It is bad exposing so much of pornography for children at their young age. What is being stored in their mind in their younger age will be what they are in the future.

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