Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wild Child

I got free tickets from MALAYSIAN TODAY newspaper. Actually is newspaper cutting la, i cutting, 2 tickets.
so i took 2 cuttings.
I invited my brother, sarah and aisha for the movie.
The movie was on the 25 november 2008, plan a month ago d.
i finish work at 6pm, and my brother walk with me to pyramid from my college.
we reach there at 7pm and start queuing, the redemption is at 8pm, i hour waited in the cinema..
after collected, my brother and i went arcade... play play play, till 9pm, meet sarah and aisha and went in the hall 1.
The movie was awesome!
So nice.... u girls should really watch it!! its so worth my time!! even my bro also say is a nice show.

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