Saturday, November 15, 2008

tagged by Junqi

1.) Do you think you're hot?
No, i'm just a average looking girl with average body size.

2.) Upload your favourite picture of you!

could this be me??

wait, i'm called a dog by some of them in the foundation family, not a hot dog!

no no... definately not a goldilocks..

You need a shave brother...or sister... which ever gender are you..

maybe this is me using the computer..

3.) Why do you like that picture?

they are dogs...

4.) When was the last time you ate pizza?

BBQ night

5.) The last song you listen to?

none but Jesus

6.) What are you doing right now beside this?

nothing.. i'm doing this only.

7.) What name would you prefer beside yours?

Lee Jian Quin... i love my name..

5 peoples to tag:

i dun tag ppl... pity them.. i like to break the chain.. always..

8.) Who is number one?

9.) Number three is having a relationship with?

10.) Say something about number five?

11.) How about number four?

12.) Who is number two?

I cant answer the rest.....haha..

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