Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy... for now..

Miss suling,
hahaha, i know i'm suppose to comment about your halloween charity event. I'm just to lazy to say anything yet.. i promise that i'll give a full comment plus ++ some pictures about your event and zlwin car breakdown at the damansara tol and how did we handle those situation in the middle of the night and in the middle of the road.

all i can say now is that the whole event was shaky at the beginning but slowly it heats up cause you all found out what the audience wans. It was good at the end. i know its not easy workin up an event when you have ppl just dont do their part. haha, It diff than how we work with ppl in church.. hhhmmmm, wait, i think is no different at all... There are still ppl whom dont do their part too in church. hahaha... but watever it is, you are doing a good job. Glad that i went for the event. its a good exposure for me to see how u all do it. i really love the deco! and i saw that how u went to every place to check how are those booth doing which is really responsible as a vice president.

i'll give a more detail comment after soon.

By the way, thanks Zlwin for fetching me to KDU and David for leading the way with another car. Simon, nice knowing u. hahaha. and Don..Hmmm, hahahaha
making the whole nite a laughter. I kinda had fun being stranded somewhere in the highway in the middle of the nite with you guys. hahaha, its gonna be in my memory for life. hahaha....

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