Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stuck post

Don, stop playing with the car!!

David trying to act expert!!!

and the rest trying to do something to the car..

before leaving, zlwin have to take some pic with these hawt girls 1st.

look at the sponsers!!

KDU.... enter hell gate... creepy at first as christians but then its just a event. we went to support our sister suling, not halloween..

hey couple, why hidding behind the tree??



Emcee Joker..

they are really cool, i'll post video later.i have part of the dance only.

Zlwin doing magic tricks

Look at the DECO!!!

the place.. hall is super big!!

outsided.. packing magician stuffss

Thanks zlwin for driving!! and david too!!

Pushing car... i was in the car..

last pic of the day...


call call call, press press press.... handphones for emergency.... really!!! good technology!!

i steal some pic from zlwin blog, simon was taking the pictures....

us.... hahahaha.. zlwin behind camera

push push push!!

This is the post about being stuck in the middle of the road somewhere around middle of the night.
after the charity halloween event by KDU.
we almost blow up the whole car!! hahahaha... thank GOD!!
My parents were worried tat day but its ok...
hahahaha, good times...good times.... remember for life!!!
for more info,
these two ppl had written the whole essay about this incident and the KDU event.

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