Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Satu tak mau bayar, satu tak mau ambil

situation 1:

Giant Supermarket, Olay rack. Christine wanted to buy some cream for whitening.

sales person : (with a small box of whitening moisturiser) u try ni dulu la.
christine : oh, ok. (take the box)

*after a while, when we move to the snack rack*

JQ : eh, where is ur moisturiser? (kacau-ing the trolly stuffs)
christine : In my bag la, she say try 1st mah.
JQ : EH, still need to pay wan la!!
christine : oh really r???
3 of us, with michelle: hahahahahaha..
JQ : later go out tat time got 'ti....ti...ti....' tat time, michelle and i will say we dunno u.
Michelle: yeah, i dunno u..
Jq: try 1st means ask u buy 1st then try, tat is why is small box!!

situation 2:

In the farmasi, paying counter. Michelle was in front paying stuff and wanted to walk away.

sales person: Miss.... Miss...
*Michelle turn*
sales person: your stuffs (handing over her contact lens solution in plastic)
Michelle: oh yeah, Thanks..
jq: hahahaha, u dun wan ur things r?? christine just now dun wan pay, u now dun wan take! hahahahaha

situation 3:

raining, trolley wet. christine and i use tissue to wipe. Michelle at ATM.

jq: cukup tak? nak lagi tissue?
christine: cukup cukup...
*wipe wipe wipe**
christine: k, tak boleh hisap lagi.
jq: HISAP?? tak boleh hisap lagi?? tissue can hisap wan r??
hahahahahaha, then go tell michelle, hahahahha
Michelle: eh christine, tak boleh SERAP DADAH.
we like.... hahahahahahahahhaha..


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