Tuesday, October 7, 2008

more genting pic

The 2nd day, 4 of us (Aaron,Amirul,Christine&Me) when up to genting earlier. Played arcade and each got a Genting Pen. hahaha. Then, played Motion Master, not as fun as it use to be. Played Flying coster, spiderman wan. I cant help but laughing the whole way, cant get to shout even. By the way, genting ppl, your cushion of that game stinks/smells. Then went to the Garden which all of us take a rest from not enough rest last night. We all were practically like zombies. Makan makan at old town, sit like super long there chatting. Then found out about new place where christine introduce to us. Super nice wei the place, especially after raining, its all white mist and super cold. I guess the coldnest struck our brain cells and nerves that we were pratically super high, we sang funny songs loud like mad. Its just super fun, and the highnest didnt stop there, we continue to be super high all the way till we are in the bus back to KL central. There rest of the ppl in our group thought 4 of us crazy d. Haahahaa...

Guess what time is it? It is like 2-3am in the morning, we went out for a walk. Crappy wei, middle of the road, play play play. hahaha... look at those faces. sleepy and tired. Lots of things happened but i guess that all of us had fun at the end of the day!
I'll try to post up the videos that i have one day when i'm in the mood. haha, it takes a long time to get the videos up. I got Malysian studies quiz in like 5 more hours which i dont seem to be studying now. haha, crap. Getting fatter like no body businness. Hungry....
By the way, Thank God for my result, its was ok. Hopefully i could maintain or improve it.

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