Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jesus Christ

Love you lord, no matter what,
Nothing come against you, nor my love for you,
for you have given your only son to us sinners,
to cleanse our sin with His blood and blessed us with the bread of His body.

always you were there whether or not i realise,
but You may not always be in my mind or heart which I'm really sorry for and non stop asking for Your forgiveness upon this daughther of yours,
which i pray that You have mercy on me Lord,
for all that i'll be doing.

I always take advantage by asking for more things that i dont really need,
I was never satisfied, not even now, i know and i confess to you,
give me wisdom lord to learn and undo what is hurtful or forget what is meaningless that may harm my future,
I am more thankful now then ever in my life.

Sometimes i miss your presence Lord,
which i know you were always there but i just dont feel it.
Thank you for watching over me and my family.
For my life belongs to you, I let you lead my life, i surrender myself to you.

Love of Christ is unbelievable.

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