Monday, October 20, 2008

I love my mom!!

I told my mom everything about my current crush...

as in every single detail!!!

from how i knew him and the pic.

Gosh, i cant believe i've done that!

i know i'm close to her but i cant believe i actually told her like how i tell my frens!

i dont usually tell her about my crush cause i feel that she may not understand me, i'm was afraid that she will BOM me down!

Thank God she totally understood and didnt do as i've expected.

I just really shock that everything is going so well...

God is really Great!

Honestly i missed church on sunday cause i needed rest and plain lazy,

Thank God that he din forget me and continue to bless me in every single way.

I really pray that He will help me if i get in depression or anything.

i just feel tat i might be disappointed in something soon.

Hopefully is just a feeling and not a reality.

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