Saturday, October 11, 2008

Amirul's MOO MOO COW, Dr QQ

I gonna operate it to stuff more stuffing in its body,
it has lots many parts of the internal crap example ribs, muscle, intestine, brain and etc.
Because of the FICM July intake ppl.
MOO MOO COW became a superstar after was given to the owner Amirul by the buyer Serene, Christine and I.
Everywhere we go, he also follow.
Sleepovers, Genting trip, classes......
MOO MOO COW was hug, kiss, drawn,pull,throw,kicked, punched, almost dipped in choc as fondue and many more other incident that is possible.
Hopefully the operation will run smoothly.
and will be back for more action.
uncertified Doctor QQ
specialize in dolls maintainance.

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