Tuesday, September 9, 2008

week 6 journal for ECS

Vannesa Anne Hudgens is a beautiful young lady who played the leading role of a Disney Channel Original movie ‘High School Musical’. Ever since the movie was a success, most of the cast member was known to be famous especially Vannesa and her boyfriend, Zac Efron. The new comer was really happy with her celebrity life, fabulous clothes and the awesome parties.Everything was going so well until one day, her naked pictures were found all over the internet. Basically, was seen by people around the world.

As a Disney Channel Star, she should know very well that she was a role model to thousands of kids in the world. As a celebrity, she should know that people around the world are watching her every moves. Besides that, she should have learned from the mistakes that many other celebrities had made. There are many cases had been reported and gossips were all around. The paparazzi will never leave anyone alone until they get their story. Vannesa should have been more responsible on her attitude and life. She should have known her limits while fooling around with her girls. Though, there are many gossips about that. Some other news say that she took the nude pictures herself while another says that she claims the picture was for a nickelodeon star, Drake Bell.

No matter how the picture was spread or who the picture was intended for, it doesn’t matter because it was still wrong. Some may say that she’s just a little teenager that is just having fun and was naïve about her actions. She did not know it will come till this ending and cause so much of chaos. She is just going through a stage of life. Well, I totally disagree that saying. If Vannesa was really that innocent and didn’t know what was she doing, then she wouldn’t have insulted another celebrity that had gone through quite similar case before her pictures was out. Vannesa was confidently answering questions by Tyra in The Tyra Banks Show. So, it was obvious that she’s conscious of her surroundings.

Second chance? Yes, everyone deserves a second chance if they are unaware of the consequences. All the newspapers and magazine articles were asking ‘Do you think Vannesa should get a second chance?’ Many had forgiven this young actress for her act as she did at least apologize to the public, said that it was a stupid act and the pictures wasn’t supposed to be out public. Though, there were still many out there that is having the same opinion as I do. I might have forgiven her if she had controlled her big mouth on the TV show. She should have never insulted others though is the fact that what other celebrity did was wrong and silly. Vannesa should have learn to give answer like how Amanda Bytes, another young celebrity did. Amanda’s answers was neutral, she did not find faults nor supports any wrong decisions that other celebrities had made.

Another mistake that she had done was showing too much PDA (Public Display Affection) while she was on holidays with her boyfriend. Those kids that are looking up to her do not know from right to wrong yet, they might think that it is absolutely alright to follow what their role models are doing cause at the end of the day, Vannesa was still awarded prize for her great performance in career. According to researches of the Bobo Doll, it was said that kids are more likely to perform what they see if the models are being rewarded in a certain acts. Besides that, some may do even more or go further beyond just to get what they want.


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