Tuesday, September 9, 2008

week 5 journal for ECS

What does ATM stands for? It stands for Automated Teller Machine. It is a computerized telecommunications device that provides the customers of a financial institution with access to financial transactions in a public space without the need for a human clerk or bank teller(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_teller_machine). Basically, anyone who has an ATM card is able to withdraw, deposit or even transfer money from their bank account. They usually have two different machines for this, one is for deposit purposes only and another is for withdrawing and transferring purposes.

My main issue in writing this is to emphasize on the ATM that provides withdrawing purposes. People goes to the machine to withdraw money definitely have their own reason. Usually, the common reasons are that they are all running low on cash, doesn’t matter whether they are out shopping or just for their daily uses. So what is the point to have an ATM but it is empty inside? How can their customers withdraw money when emergency? I wouldn’t be mad if they only have one machine that is out of service in the entire mall. I am furious about them having three machine but none of them are working at all. The worst part is that I had a hard time finding for those machines as they were placed in two different location of the mall. As for my concern that the mall I went was huge, it wasn’t easy finding it.

The whole incident happened when I had to help a church leader of mine in a book fair that was going on in Times Square. I thought at the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to do shopping as I might be busy selling books, so I just brought an amount of RM50 for expenditure. Fortunately, they let me go earlier as they had enough people handling the stall. I couldn’t take the train back until 6pm because my mom could only fetch me around 7pm from the train station. So, I went shopping alone in Times Square itself. It has been quite some time since my last visit to Times Square, I realize that I had dozens of things to shop for as the price there were reasonable.
I started spending my RM50 like water, as you know that RM50 is no longer a big amount to shop. Finally comes to a point that I’m out of cash, my normal respond will be ‘no worries, ATM is always there’. So I went goose hunting for the machine, trying to understand the directory board and asked the information counter for direction. My first location had two deposit and two withdrawal machines. One of the withdrawal machines was out of service, so I had to queue a long line for the other one. Everything was going well until they written that my transition fail, which means that I could not withdraw any money. I put my card in twice just to ensure that I read the text correctly. The fire started to have sparks in me but I was still fine. I then went looking for the second location. I knew very well that it wasn’t my card or my account problem because there was another guy behind me facing the same problem as I do. Anyways, the second location was tougher to be found cause it was only a small machine under the escalator in a crowded area. Guess what, it was also out of service. The sparks in me had turn into a burning flame. I mean come on, three machines and none are working? It’s just ridicules!

From my opinion, first, the people in charged should be giving a better direction by doing some adjustment to the directory board. Secondly, I would really love to see more ATMs is place in a huge mall like Times Square. Thirdly, I hope that the people in charge of the machines will keep updating the machines from time to time so that all the machines will be functioning in a proper manner.


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