Tuesday, September 9, 2008

week 4 journal for ECS

I despise guys who always show the wrong signals to the girls. No wait, honestly, I hate them! I mean if you are just interested in them just as a friend, then they should just treat them like a friend. Guys should not ever do anything that will make the girl think that he is interested in her. It will cause many chaos and misunderstanding. It is normal to want to have close girl friends but they should know how to keep a distance to ensure only platonic friendship will occur.

I had many girl friends whom got hurt from this kind of guys. Most of the cases started with normal friends, hanging out in a group and you will realize that you can click well with him because both of you interact most with each other. This is a stage which everyone will go through, no big deal. Then, you exchange phone numbers, e-mail and MSN. This is still in a no harm process. The problem starts when the guy sends you a message for other reasons then business. There are many outcomes on how the girl will think. First, some girls whom are thick skin will think that he is interested in them. These kinds of girls usually think very highly about themselves, thinking that everybody is looking at her, as if they are the only girl in the world. I would rate them as bitches because they think that the whole world revolves around them. Second, some girls will take it as the guy just want to get to know you, whether are you the study type, hardworking type or the fun type. In this way, it will be easier for them to look for an assignment buddy so that they could do less work because they know that the girls will do all the work. Besides that, they would also know who to call for futsal or movies. They would be happier to hang out with girls that will not keep on repeating about homework, they need a break. Third, some girls whom are just dumb or innocent will not feel anything and just reply the message blindly. Then comes to a level where both of you are constantly messaging and interacting with each other. Sooner or later, your friends will start to notice and start asking whether you like him or not, or whether he likes you or not. Here, the answer will always be ‘no, we are just friends’, so, no point asking.

Slowly, your friendship with him had grew, from here onwards the guys should start to keep the ‘I just want to be good friends’ distance with the girl. Otherwise, problems will occur. All girls will start thinking that he might be interested in her, that is why he had been close to her all the while. It is not the girls fault to have the wrong idea, it is just our human nature to interpret it that way. From here, the girls will start thinking if he is her type or not, whether he’s worth thinking about. Three conclusions will be drawn out from here, a) No, he does not stand a chance on you, b) Maybe or c) Yes, you like him too. Though the first conclusion do not hurt the girls but it will definitely does some harm to your friendship with him. Usually if the conclusion is the second and third, the girls will start sending signals back. In this case, some guys will sense something is wrong and will start backing off while some dense guys are just too stupid to understand. There are some guys that just love the attention, he will try to make all the girls he know to fall for him. These kind of guys are just major LOA (Lack of Attention). Besides that, they are also the worst guy to be committed in a relationship, it will always ends with a break up and they will always be the dumper. They will never understand what real love is and never understood what sacrifices means to them. All they care about is themselves. To them, they do not see the point of having one true relationship when they are free to just stick their dicks into a different girl each time his hormones is high.

Anyway, back to the reason I’m writing this essay. Recently, my best friend had just gone through a time of depression because she got the wrong idea that the guy was actually just ‘being nice’ to her the past few months. Before this she never even thought of liking him until he started giving signals of what a normal guy will do if he is interested in someone. At the beginning, she was just considering on him but finally, after spending more time with him, she found out that she actually like him. Considering it is the modern age, so she decided to take the next step thinking that he had not make his move was because he was shy. To cut the long story short, she ended up with a huge disappointment and went through counseling session for a few weeks to get over her feelings for this guy. Now, both of them hardly speak to each other as their friendship was ruin because wrong signals were sent by the guy.

Therefore, girls should always beware of whether if the guy is true or not while guys should never play with the wrong signals when they are communicating with a girl. Anyway, I still thank God that I was never a victim of these cases before.


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