Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank God for everything..

Blessed be your name. Praise him. Jesus Christ. We lift your name up. You are the way the truth and the light.


how many times have i broken your heart, but still u forgive if only i ask.
how many times have u heard me pray, draw near to me.

i really really need to start be a regular at CF, man, it feels wrong when u have a CF in college but as christians dont go. Think of those whom got no CF but will kill to have one. It will help make u know where u stand in life more especially in college where life is so much different than school. Cause anything could go there, anything could happen, pls dont regret your college life, it should be one of the best time of your life.

weeeee, genting trip pic will be posted soon....

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Hui Fen said...

haha.. yea.. its quite weird if you are a christian but you dont go to a CF in your college. hahaa.. me too.. but its all because of my class.. *sigh!!*
but anyhow, i think im going for the prayer meeting tomorrow.. you? heehee.. :D