Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lets learn Manglish

Eeheli - Actually
Shaddup - shut up
Cun - cun (means hot or some thing)
Chapalang - Pariah, lousy
Noehet - not yet
Gostan - reverse
Ham sap - prevert
Jia lat - bad luck, sure die wan
Haiyoh - sigh
Your coffee shop open adi la... - zipper is undone

c wat we have here

A : oi brader, wat is the meaning of tis? u gostan gostan no need c load(car) wan ar?
B : eh, dont play play wit me ya. u r the one, c mata(police) den go fast fast, never c car in front of u.
A : aiyo liddat jia lat lo. how to settle? u wan report r?
B : siao r? i where got time?
A : lidat la. Eeheli i got fren work at workshop. we go there see see how much la.
B : u think i dunno r? your fren means i cannot tarik harge d la.
A : eh, u bang ppl's car, dont so kiam siap can not?
B : Of course kiam siap la. we not ang moh ma, so easily cincai chapalang workshop do, as long as less trouble.
A : Dont worry, i wont sabo u wan. everything sure got jalan wan. come we go yam cha and talk talk.

bad manglish

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