Thursday, September 4, 2008

family in college & other stuffs

talk about foundation first

Fish family...

all started from serene calling syazwan 'udang'
then syazwan call serene 'lala'
izzudin 'shrimp', higher class then 'prawn'.... hahaha...
imran 'plankton'
amirul 'crab'
aaron 'spongebob', i think??
christine 'mummy turtle'
and I 'baby turtle'.


talk about diploma and i

human family...

Granda pa : Ishmeal
Grand ma : Emily
Father : Shane
Mother : Serene
Father's younger sister(auntie) : Me
Father's youngest brother(uncle) : Aznur
Mother's brother : Julian
Eldest daughther : Lynn
2nd daughther : Cecilia
Only son : Heidy
Youngest daugther : Tasha

hahahaha, i'm part human and part turtle!! so i'll call myself hutle...

by the way,went watch 'money no enough 2' today with my foundation frens
well, beginning was okay la, funny funny abit but not as funny as the 1st show.
then got sad sad part, which i teared and imran too!!! hahahaha......
i heard from christine that aaron no heart wan, no emotion, no feelings wan. hahahaha......
teoh left before the show starts,
serene in between the show always say ' aw... so sad....'
and i think syazwan and victor is just like aaron... hahaha... no newz from them...

gotto crack head d for this sunday... i'm leading worship, dunno wat songs to sing yet.... argghh...
practice time gotta change to 4-6pm after prayer meeting on sat.
so far,

poh leong - bass
suling - drums
sherrene - keyboard
jasen & zlwin - guitarist
back up - maybe Don and cornillieus?


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