Thursday, September 18, 2008

EMo daY.....

Today coming to college feels so wrong. Suddenly so many information coming in. True colours of many had been seen, it's finally out. It is definately not because i did not had much sleep last night while sleeping over at Ridzuan with my friends. Actually, i think i only sleep for 10-15 minutes. Was awake whole night to do magazine assignment for Mass Comm. By the time i finish was like 4am in the morning, so no point sleeping cause afraid that i couldn't wake up for 8am class. I lepak with Michelle and Amirul while Christine was so call 'sleeping' cause she heard all our conversation. Michelle was like forcing Amirul to confess, haha. We found out eventually. Then morning comes Christine was like 'oh.... Amirul, i know who u like already..'. Amirul was like 'eh, how you know?' *shock* 'haha,i heard you all talking last night'. Everyone was like **even shocker** and all the s#%* word coming out d. 'we thought you were sleeping?'.....

Basically, yesterday i went out with my foundation friends to pyramid, they needed to do the video for our 3G event. Christine and i sat at Mcd for makan, was joined by Zack and Gary. Then after that we did our work for mass comm and i did BKA essay for Serene. She still owes me Raja Chicken! After that, the girls left to eat at esquire kitchen (or watever is called) and took sticker pictures which i'm not in the mood for both eating and pictures, so left me and the guys in McD. Man, the things that the guys talk is most of the time not suitable for under 18 teenagers. haha. This funny Aaron want to know so many things from Imran. Izzuddin starts horny d, and Syazwan, well, still him la, got his bad side and good side. I really couldn't stop laughing, its like mad. They are just really funny funny people.

Then we went and watch some silly movie call dark water which is not the dark water you thought like the horror one. It truns out to be some crocodile show and all the time they are up the trees. All die except 1 survive. Haha, i wanted to sleep watching the movie, super boring.
After that, we lepak till Imran's Ice Hockey match begins. Dangerous sports but very fun to watch! They lose flat, haha, but okay la losing to a professional team. At least they gain more experience. Reminds me of my volleyball times, those were the days.... After the match went straight back to ridzuan with them.

Don't know why, it's just and emo day for me, was also partly i wanted to sleep so badly, i wanted to just go home and skip class and meeting. But as you all know, i can't. I'm not the type whom just ponteng class nor cancle meeting last minute. Even know as i'm in college typing this, i still want to sleep so badly. Even today miss catherine was dissappointed with my answer that i gave cause i was just finding some easy way out, just replace whatever i had learn. Well, she said anything so i did something!

sorry cant type anymore, eye is closing badly, sleep in the library while waiting for my mom after work.


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