Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy happy me........

wee weee......
Yeah! Finally i have a college!!
I'm actually staying in Taylors PJ for mass comm.
I din get in TTC, appeal results just came out recently, wah, Thank God, or else i'll be leaving to somewhere in the country.
Zlwin was like super envy me cause i holiday for so long. hahaha..
Its not my fault that i wanted to wait so long,
cause my parent wanted me to go for Teacher's Training College(ttc).
The journey is,
May - got called for interview for TESL primary ( mean primary english)
- waited waited
June - still waiting.....
July - wait wait wait some more, then only they posted online. checked but i din get. honestly, i was quiet happy at that time, hahaha, so weird right, 1st time c ppl din get scholarship so happy wan. It wasnt really my 1st choice, i know i've always wanted to do mass comm.

since i din get d right, my mom was like so scare d so quickly find college for me to do mass comm though at the beginning my parents totally against me doing mass comm. Then some where in the process i manage to persuade them and scare them that i might think of doing performing arts. They rather me doing mass comm then performing arts. hahahaha. I oso kindda made an agreement that if i dont get TTC then let me do wat i wan.though they violated the deal by sending an appeal letter and going to the pejabat and stuff just to get me in there, i just kept quiet and let them do wat they wan cause i let God decide for me. If i'm suppose to be in TTc then he'll put me there, or else he wont, and by the way, he knows my heart that i'm not that interested in teaching as a career.hehehehe......

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