Wednesday, August 13, 2008

assignment, assignment, assignment.....

Gosh, work starts pouring in like a free flow water.
Very blur of everything, need to start recording things down.
Still love my college now.
Enjoying the course that i'm doing, friends that i have, love my classmates, lecturers are still fun at the mean time.
haha, gonna have dine in for lunch for free at my campus, thanks to Bashini! yeah! Got to wear formal. i'll get some pictures.
I'm bringing Christine and Serene along cause they are the first 2 friends that i meet during orientation. hehe, they got free food oso. But i think it wont be enough for Christine though cause i think the dishes will be small.
Shooting a sommercial tomorrow for assignment, so last minute right, the day after tomorrow presentation d. hahaha. i'll try to post the video once done if i can.
Going college almost everyday. Tiring but kinda love my life now, haha, cause better than last time rotting at home ni. sien like mad!!
sleep sleep......

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