Tuesday, July 1, 2008

? StiLL uNceRtaiN ?

Maybe Taylor's PJ? Maybe Teacher training college?
still don't know yet... WHY??
Because of the stupid ttc ppl so slow in making decision and so slow in posting the results on the internet.
Is the fact, like the last time, the TESL result suppose to be out on the 10th of June but at the end only came out 2 days after that.
make my parents so kan chiong only!!
Anyway, i'm happy that my mom is finally on my side now, she realize that actually mass comm is not that bad and i could do well in that.
so, i've already register for Taylor's PJ cause i'm entitle to a small tiny scholarship that last day was 30 june. So, my parents already paid some fees.. hahahaha, i can say that i'm officially a communication student!!! Yippeee Hooorraaayyyy!!
BUT BUT BUT, i've made a deal..
if i got in for TESL, i'll still have to go for ttc. haihzz, so the fee money for comm will be burned...
Anyway, i'll be the one paying back the PTPN loan once i start working,so is not really using my parents money to study...at least i don't feel that bad..
Pray that everything will go smoothly and i'll start my mass comm on the 28 July!!
Pray that i will not get TESL so that i dont have to make decision and letting my parents down cause i really really really wanna do mass comm!!
hahahaha, 1st time ppl hoping that they dont get the scholarship!! hahhahahaha

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