Thursday, July 3, 2008

feedback by -jusTThinking-

A feedback for a show that I accidentally watched on 8TV. Show ‘KAMI’ was shown just after the 8TV Quickie on a late Monday night.

I was just flipping through the channels just like every other night since I wasn’t able to sleep and had nothing else better to do because I have not started my college yet. As usual, I will never miss watching 8TV quickie because I always wanted to be a Quickie host, I mean, I still want too but just never seem to get the chance. Anyway, as my family is an astro costumer, the info button is always my guide around the TV channels. It was supposed to be The Apprentice up next but it seems that there’s a little technical error. So, I ended up watching this show ‘KAMI’ that is produced by our very own Malaysian. Just by watching it for only 15 minutes, you can already tell that this show is about how Malaysian’s secondary students are living right now. Of course, this show is acted by an all Malay crew, so they are actually emphasizing on the Malay Malaysian’s Student. At the beginning, I was quite against the way the script was written as I felt that they are like telling the reality students to cut school, smoke, copy their friend’s homework, ‘lepak’ around after school, getting a boyfriend at their age and etc. They had made all this look cool and like it’s alright to be this way as this is the modern society. I’ve realize that none of the girls are wearing ‘tudung’ even when they are in school, the only ladies that are wearing them are their school teachers. Personally, I’m not against Malay school girls to not wear ‘tudung’ to school or basically anywhere they go. What I’m trying to say is that I am constantly asking what is the main purpose of them producing a show like? What are they trying to portray? Are they trying to get the students to be like the ones in the show? As media has been one of the main leading cause of students behaving the way they are right now. Aren’t they supposed to be encouraging school student to behave well and getting good grades? I was constantly finding faults about the show as at that point I felt that this kind of production is really not worth producing at all. Then, after a while of watching the show, it came to a part where one of the 16 year old student was found pregnant. It struck me instantly as I had a school mate that was pregnant while we were still in school. I finally realize that they weren’t trying to get the reality students to follow their footsteps but they were actually trying to tell the world what is really going on in reality. It is exactly how the students are behaving right now. I am not saying all but majority are acting this way. I know I sounded like a hypocrite because at one time I am cons ‘KAMI’ and there other time I am pros ‘KAMI’. So what am I exactly? I guess I will never find out because I always view things in both directions, positive and negative. Anyway, finally, I would just like to say that ‘KAMI’ is really not a bad show to catch. Way the go 8TV!


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