Wednesday, July 30, 2008

college pictures

me in front of block C with my friends that is not in the picture

front of the annexe(basement)

serene & christine
somewhere near the canteen and the annexe entrance
Today is the 3rd day of college, so far is great. Meet new friends like Amelia,Shane,Aznur,Ishmel. I've signed up for CF,dance club and SAY club. Sports dont plan to sign up yet. No volleyball somemore, malas la. See how la future only decide. The guys today went Sunway Pyramid after workshop, we girls will go out with them this friday after their class, haha, as i said the guys are diploma while the girls are foundation. Foundation class only got like 6-7 guys only.

While i was in workshop, was msging with Shane
Shane : you joining us later?
me : nope. none of us feel like going. u all going to climb, we lazy wan climb. haha
Shane : climb wat?@.@;
me : climb fly over. haha. how u all going?
Shane : we got 3 cars.. Lol..
me : can but we can only stay till 4pm.
Shane : then maybe we go again on friday...
after that i call him while i was still in workshop.
the funny part is at the beginning we ask how they going? then this Julian smart smart say maybe climbing over. means got to walk and cross the big road. So we girls malas la wanna walk and climb over. then only found out that Shane, Haidy, and dunno who drove to college, so got 3 cars.hahaha.
and today i've check the TTC thingy, found out that they still din accept me. so i guess i'll be staying in taylors PJ and i'm gonna find tuition job ASAP.

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