Monday, July 7, 2008

being tagged.. 1st time i respond...hahaha

Say the first ones that come to mind

10 Animals
-dog, cause my house in front got one.
-cat, cause my sis wan always run away from her. Haha.
-rabbit, cause they r cute.
-hamster, I once love them so much.
-fish, my dad is a big fan.
-horse, I’m from the year of the horse.
-elephant, gonna extinct d.
-pig, cause it’s eatable or izzit I just ate bah kut teh?
-bird, it’s everywhere.
-snakes, hate them. No offence, I just dislike them.

9 Songs
-ai mei
-qing ge wang
-tong hua
-ai zhuan jiao
-sen re kuai le
-nan ren nui ren
-wo yuan yi
-qing neng liao
-bu neng shuo de mi mi
(Sorry, all Chinese love songs, haha)

8 Movies
-bring it on, cheerleading
-bring it on again, cheerleading
-bring it on all or nothing, cheerleading
-bring it on in it to win it, cheerleading
-secrets (Chinese), I love they play the songs on piano
-legally blonde, love Reese.W
-legally blonde 2, same reason as above
-mean girls, cause they are so MEAN!! I love it!!

7 Cities
( I dunno anymore, I’m bad in Geography )

6 Websites, 2nd thing I go when I online, 1st thing I go when I online, I use to always go, haha…, cause I hate them., watch stuffs., MSN??

5 Junk foods
-chips, love them
-mamee, I use to like the seasonings, haha.
-sweets, nice….
-gums, chew chew
-seaweed?? Are they junk??haha, I still like them anyway..

4 Stores
-elianto, my fav store
-guardian, lots of stuffs
-watson, same as above
-blook, ever since sarah work there, I buy lots of clothes there.

3 Flowers
-roses, romantic
-orkid, even more romantic
-tulip, sounds nice
( I believe nobody put Bunga Raya!! Hahaha )

2 Best Friends
-sorry cant choose, they are all my besties….

1 Colour

1 Addiction
-girls stuffs (ex, makeup, accessories, clothes, shoes, nail varnish, fake hair, etc )

2 Public Places

3 Bands
( I don’t care about band, I only care about the music )

4 TV Shows
-cooking shows
-Disney channel movies
-nickelodeon show
-taiwan dramas

5 YouTube Videos
-learn how to make up videos
-GY videos
-dance video
-funny video
-anything that interest me video!! Haha..

6 Things you're wearing
-fake blue hair
-clear nail’s basecoat

7 Things in your wallet
-Hinode card
-tesco card
-Mcd card
-Driving License

8 Cartoon Characters
-powerpuff girls
-totally spies
-martin mystery
-Spongebob Square Pants
-kungfu panda
-mr bean
-foster home
-dexter’s lab!!

9 Magazines
-women’s weekly
-school magazine? Hahaha

10 Celebrities
-Ashley tisdale
-lucas grabeal
-lindsay lohan
-eva longaria
-lee hom
-drake bell

I don’t wan to tag.. be a nice person..

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