Monday, July 28, 2008

1st day of college

This is my ice breaking group friends.
We are all mass comm-mers!!
Only that there are some of us are doing diploma and some doing foundation.
so at the end of this week's orientation, we'll break to our specific courses.
Even in foundation, we are broken down to 2 groups which will only know whether u are in group 1 or 2.
People i meet:
1. Christine
2. Serene
3. Julien
4. Nicole
5. Hay-D
6. Cheryl
7. Amirul
8. Jaz
9. a chinese girl which i forgot her name, sorry.

AND WE ARE THE Micheal Jackson Group!! With the song Beat It and Thriller!!

it was cool, they are really nice funny ppl, our group was like the noisiest and most hyper wan! hahahaha.
Jaz and Serene was like super know all the movies.
Any way, dunno will i stay there for long or not, i may leave cause of TTC. I can only know on Wed if they had posted it.
I love the food place, is like one big place that have hawker stall selling all kinds of food. From western to chinese to malay to indian to italian food. hahaha, small snacks also got.
If they got McD there, really adds my joy wei. haha.
Sometimes, u got to make the 1st move to make friends or else i wont meet christine and serene.
Thank God i dun have to take the PCE test(some english test if u got a 4B or lower for spm or if u are an international student). so malas wan to take another english test.
tomoro got to wake up early again to catch the train. i wan sleep@@...

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