Wednesday, July 30, 2008

college pictures

me in front of block C with my friends that is not in the picture

front of the annexe(basement)

serene & christine
somewhere near the canteen and the annexe entrance
Today is the 3rd day of college, so far is great. Meet new friends like Amelia,Shane,Aznur,Ishmel. I've signed up for CF,dance club and SAY club. Sports dont plan to sign up yet. No volleyball somemore, malas la. See how la future only decide. The guys today went Sunway Pyramid after workshop, we girls will go out with them this friday after their class, haha, as i said the guys are diploma while the girls are foundation. Foundation class only got like 6-7 guys only.

While i was in workshop, was msging with Shane
Shane : you joining us later?
me : nope. none of us feel like going. u all going to climb, we lazy wan climb. haha
Shane : climb wat?@.@;
me : climb fly over. haha. how u all going?
Shane : we got 3 cars.. Lol..
me : can but we can only stay till 4pm.
Shane : then maybe we go again on friday...
after that i call him while i was still in workshop.
the funny part is at the beginning we ask how they going? then this Julian smart smart say maybe climbing over. means got to walk and cross the big road. So we girls malas la wanna walk and climb over. then only found out that Shane, Haidy, and dunno who drove to college, so got 3 cars.hahaha.
and today i've check the TTC thingy, found out that they still din accept me. so i guess i'll be staying in taylors PJ and i'm gonna find tuition job ASAP.

Monday, July 28, 2008

1st day of college

This is my ice breaking group friends.
We are all mass comm-mers!!
Only that there are some of us are doing diploma and some doing foundation.
so at the end of this week's orientation, we'll break to our specific courses.
Even in foundation, we are broken down to 2 groups which will only know whether u are in group 1 or 2.
People i meet:
1. Christine
2. Serene
3. Julien
4. Nicole
5. Hay-D
6. Cheryl
7. Amirul
8. Jaz
9. a chinese girl which i forgot her name, sorry.

AND WE ARE THE Micheal Jackson Group!! With the song Beat It and Thriller!!

it was cool, they are really nice funny ppl, our group was like the noisiest and most hyper wan! hahahaha.
Jaz and Serene was like super know all the movies.
Any way, dunno will i stay there for long or not, i may leave cause of TTC. I can only know on Wed if they had posted it.
I love the food place, is like one big place that have hawker stall selling all kinds of food. From western to chinese to malay to indian to italian food. hahaha, small snacks also got.
If they got McD there, really adds my joy wei. haha.
Sometimes, u got to make the 1st move to make friends or else i wont meet christine and serene.
Thank God i dun have to take the PCE test(some english test if u got a 4B or lower for spm or if u are an international student). so malas wan to take another english test.
tomoro got to wake up early again to catch the train. i wan sleep@@...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bad Paparazzi!!

Can't they just leave them alone??

Yes they are famous but don't have to go until this extend.

Pity Pity them.

I think the paparazzi is more interested in venessa.H cause of her wrong act in the society.

Just look at ashley.T, she is famous for the right reasons, she is a true disney channel star, a role model to many youth.

Though, everyone makes mistake, so learn from it venessa.H!

Caleb Tan Happy Birthday!!

Dear Caleb,
There's always laughter
there's always cry
but from the day i meet you
i've got nothing but joy
because of a friend like you
i'll always treasure
we may not be very close
but you have always been there to bring a smile on my face
and not to forget
some other stuffs that which i dont want to know
when i needed help
you gave me directions
that helps me to learn the way to INTI college
cant believe that hwai tah says that we look alike
i'm proud cause at least i could fake that
' hey, that hiro alike guy is my brother!! '
Though i'm a day away
i just want to wish you a big happy belated birthday!!!!


Monday, July 7, 2008

being tagged.. 1st time i respond...hahaha

Say the first ones that come to mind

10 Animals
-dog, cause my house in front got one.
-cat, cause my sis wan always run away from her. Haha.
-rabbit, cause they r cute.
-hamster, I once love them so much.
-fish, my dad is a big fan.
-horse, I’m from the year of the horse.
-elephant, gonna extinct d.
-pig, cause it’s eatable or izzit I just ate bah kut teh?
-bird, it’s everywhere.
-snakes, hate them. No offence, I just dislike them.

9 Songs
-ai mei
-qing ge wang
-tong hua
-ai zhuan jiao
-sen re kuai le
-nan ren nui ren
-wo yuan yi
-qing neng liao
-bu neng shuo de mi mi
(Sorry, all Chinese love songs, haha)

8 Movies
-bring it on, cheerleading
-bring it on again, cheerleading
-bring it on all or nothing, cheerleading
-bring it on in it to win it, cheerleading
-secrets (Chinese), I love they play the songs on piano
-legally blonde, love Reese.W
-legally blonde 2, same reason as above
-mean girls, cause they are so MEAN!! I love it!!

7 Cities
( I dunno anymore, I’m bad in Geography )

6 Websites, 2nd thing I go when I online, 1st thing I go when I online, I use to always go, haha…, cause I hate them., watch stuffs., MSN??

5 Junk foods
-chips, love them
-mamee, I use to like the seasonings, haha.
-sweets, nice….
-gums, chew chew
-seaweed?? Are they junk??haha, I still like them anyway..

4 Stores
-elianto, my fav store
-guardian, lots of stuffs
-watson, same as above
-blook, ever since sarah work there, I buy lots of clothes there.

3 Flowers
-roses, romantic
-orkid, even more romantic
-tulip, sounds nice
( I believe nobody put Bunga Raya!! Hahaha )

2 Best Friends
-sorry cant choose, they are all my besties….

1 Colour

1 Addiction
-girls stuffs (ex, makeup, accessories, clothes, shoes, nail varnish, fake hair, etc )

2 Public Places

3 Bands
( I don’t care about band, I only care about the music )

4 TV Shows
-cooking shows
-Disney channel movies
-nickelodeon show
-taiwan dramas

5 YouTube Videos
-learn how to make up videos
-GY videos
-dance video
-funny video
-anything that interest me video!! Haha..

6 Things you're wearing
-fake blue hair
-clear nail’s basecoat

7 Things in your wallet
-Hinode card
-tesco card
-Mcd card
-Driving License

8 Cartoon Characters
-powerpuff girls
-totally spies
-martin mystery
-Spongebob Square Pants
-kungfu panda
-mr bean
-foster home
-dexter’s lab!!

9 Magazines
-women’s weekly
-school magazine? Hahaha

10 Celebrities
-Ashley tisdale
-lucas grabeal
-lindsay lohan
-eva longaria
-lee hom
-drake bell

I don’t wan to tag.. be a nice person..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

feedback by -jusTThinking-

A feedback for a show that I accidentally watched on 8TV. Show ‘KAMI’ was shown just after the 8TV Quickie on a late Monday night.

I was just flipping through the channels just like every other night since I wasn’t able to sleep and had nothing else better to do because I have not started my college yet. As usual, I will never miss watching 8TV quickie because I always wanted to be a Quickie host, I mean, I still want too but just never seem to get the chance. Anyway, as my family is an astro costumer, the info button is always my guide around the TV channels. It was supposed to be The Apprentice up next but it seems that there’s a little technical error. So, I ended up watching this show ‘KAMI’ that is produced by our very own Malaysian. Just by watching it for only 15 minutes, you can already tell that this show is about how Malaysian’s secondary students are living right now. Of course, this show is acted by an all Malay crew, so they are actually emphasizing on the Malay Malaysian’s Student. At the beginning, I was quite against the way the script was written as I felt that they are like telling the reality students to cut school, smoke, copy their friend’s homework, ‘lepak’ around after school, getting a boyfriend at their age and etc. They had made all this look cool and like it’s alright to be this way as this is the modern society. I’ve realize that none of the girls are wearing ‘tudung’ even when they are in school, the only ladies that are wearing them are their school teachers. Personally, I’m not against Malay school girls to not wear ‘tudung’ to school or basically anywhere they go. What I’m trying to say is that I am constantly asking what is the main purpose of them producing a show like? What are they trying to portray? Are they trying to get the students to be like the ones in the show? As media has been one of the main leading cause of students behaving the way they are right now. Aren’t they supposed to be encouraging school student to behave well and getting good grades? I was constantly finding faults about the show as at that point I felt that this kind of production is really not worth producing at all. Then, after a while of watching the show, it came to a part where one of the 16 year old student was found pregnant. It struck me instantly as I had a school mate that was pregnant while we were still in school. I finally realize that they weren’t trying to get the reality students to follow their footsteps but they were actually trying to tell the world what is really going on in reality. It is exactly how the students are behaving right now. I am not saying all but majority are acting this way. I know I sounded like a hypocrite because at one time I am cons ‘KAMI’ and there other time I am pros ‘KAMI’. So what am I exactly? I guess I will never find out because I always view things in both directions, positive and negative. Anyway, finally, I would just like to say that ‘KAMI’ is really not a bad show to catch. Way the go 8TV!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

? StiLL uNceRtaiN ?

Maybe Taylor's PJ? Maybe Teacher training college?
still don't know yet... WHY??
Because of the stupid ttc ppl so slow in making decision and so slow in posting the results on the internet.
Is the fact, like the last time, the TESL result suppose to be out on the 10th of June but at the end only came out 2 days after that.
make my parents so kan chiong only!!
Anyway, i'm happy that my mom is finally on my side now, she realize that actually mass comm is not that bad and i could do well in that.
so, i've already register for Taylor's PJ cause i'm entitle to a small tiny scholarship that last day was 30 june. So, my parents already paid some fees.. hahahaha, i can say that i'm officially a communication student!!! Yippeee Hooorraaayyyy!!
BUT BUT BUT, i've made a deal..
if i got in for TESL, i'll still have to go for ttc. haihzz, so the fee money for comm will be burned...
Anyway, i'll be the one paying back the PTPN loan once i start working,so is not really using my parents money to least i don't feel that bad..
Pray that everything will go smoothly and i'll start my mass comm on the 28 July!!
Pray that i will not get TESL so that i dont have to make decision and letting my parents down cause i really really really wanna do mass comm!!
hahahaha, 1st time ppl hoping that they dont get the scholarship!! hahhahahaha