Wednesday, June 4, 2008


k, i'm in a bad mood today,
i'm not usually like this.
why cant just some ppl understand when i say
'NO, i'm not free tonight, i cant go out. by the way, i've told u many times that i cant go out at night unless is church stuff or with family members!!!'
'how bout i'll call u and we'll talk'
but no........ she keep on insisting
'i'll come ur house, talk to ur parents and then we go yam cha' or 'i'll go find u'
so finally, i said
' fine, u can come to my house and we'll talk bout ur sadness but i'm not going out.'
after that, she never reply, so i've waited for her at home, halau my parents up stairs to watch their news so that she and i can talk.
wait, wait, wait,
then i msg, 'wat time are u coming?'
then i call her and asked,
'i'll be coming bout 8.30pm'
ok, fine, i was still chill bout it.

then my bro called my parent to fetch him from train station.
i volunteered to fetch him cause its their news time.
i drive to telok gadong train staition,
reached there d, bro called
' i walked to the traffic light there d. '
' why din wait at train station, tell me earlier ma, dun need me to drive all the way in!!'
then, in the car, he was bringin up my nerves, i say A, he's talking B.
wat the...
A and B dun relate!!!

haven reach my top yet.
then a msg came in,
it was HER saying
' hey i cant come d cause my fren come fetch me d. how bout next tuesday go KTV?'
in my heart i was like : can these ppl stop doing this to me!! last minutes say wan find me cause ur not happy, then last minutes cancle it after u have other frens to hang out wit!! I AM NOT A DOORMAT!!
i msg back ' i pok kai d, c how 1st'
trying to be nice.

then i feel so fat, so bloated up cause of dinner which i ate before all this happen.
when i'm angry, i can really eat and i'll feel really fat!!
i just feel like punchin, and kicking some one!!

then, my bro lend my laptop.
i thought he brought in to his room.
after watchin some tv,
i decided to go online,
so i knock his room door tat are locked.
knock like mad, call his HP. but no answer to the door or the phone.
i feel like shouting
cant u just wake up for a while and open the door!!!
i need the laptop!!
i din shout cause my parents sure will freak.
then i found out the laptop was outside in the living room!!
it's killing me inside' argghhh, cant he dun say that he's using the laptop when he din even take it!!'

so basically, i'm like AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH the whole freaking night!!
i dun blame my brother, he's just a victim for my at the beginning stage of moodiness.

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