Thursday, June 12, 2008

i did not get in the teacher's training college scholarship.


sorry mom dad,
i can't help it that i'm somehow glad that i did not get it because it make me feel like i have a chance in doing mass communication now.
Though, yes, it will be quite a burden for you both and seriously i'm not very happy about wanting to burden you all with this fee and needing to still support me for the few years to come.

Why can't they just understand that maybe i'm just not meant to be a teacher.
Well, they are not gonna give up,
they are gonna appeal for me,
my dad is gonna see them personally,
by hook or by crook they still gonna get it for me.
I know that they want the best for me but have they ever think if what i feel.
Mass comm may not be a long life career but at least it will be a career for me, not a job that i have to force myself up everyday just to earn a living.

At first i thought i wanted it, but it seems that i actually just don't mind being a teacher.
Now, i don't care anymore, i'm not gonna do anything, in fact, i'm gonna let my parents do everything since they want me to get into teaching that badly.
i'm gonna find out about my interest in case if they give up in getting me into teaching.

i told them that i might wanna do performing arts. They FAINTED!! haha, ok, fine, was just joking. They did not faint but their reaction is even worst then when i told them i wanted to do mass comm!

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