Monday, June 30, 2008

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This a just a little feedback for the letter that had been send to the Sunday Star newspaper on the 29 June 2008. This letter was written by a ‘Frustrated pedestrian and cyclist’ from Subang Jaya with the title Cycling Conundrum.

It is true as what this person had said. I used to cycle to almost everywhere all the time, or in worst case, I walked. No doubt that it’s a great workout for me. But everything seems to have change when I started having my motorcycle license and eventually my driving license a year after that. It is not that I do not enjoy cycling anymore, it is just that once you have that luxury of not needing to sweat every time you reach a destination, it does cause an impact to a person especially ladies because we will always want to look and smell good all the time. It helps us in building confidents. By the way, motorcars do help you to get to a place in a shorter period of time that is if the roads are not congested and it is also definitely so much safer when you are in this era of time. This is because there are many more cars going about nowadays then we use to had, therefore in which any case of accident, you are much more likely to be alive when you are driving in a car then when you are riding on a bicycle. Of course, definitely, there are other risks and consequences while you are driving a car, example, if your vehicle got hit by a vehicle that is ten times the size of your vehicle, it doesn’t make any difference. Anyway, that is not the point why I’ve written this. What I’m trying to say is that maybe the government should build bike lanes to make cyclist feel safer on the road and the thought of widening the sidewalks with beautiful plantation is actually not a bad idea, as it says, it’s functional and beautify the place. Besides that, making sure there is a designated area on buses and trains for bicycles and setting aside bicycle at ‘special parking area’ are really great ideas too but there is also a risk that your bicycle might be stolen even with the greatest pad lock that you could ever find in the world. Why? Because this is Malaysia, I’m sorry to say but it is the fact. The only idea that I thought was a bit weird is the idea of introducing incentives for companies to provide shower facilities so that employees can freshen up after walking or cycling to work. It is a great idea for the employees but it is a great disadvantage for the employers. Honestly saying, I do believe that there will be many employees whom will take advantage of the shower facilities that is provided to them. Even if they don’t, the companies will still have a huge lost just to pay up they water bills every month. Remember, we want the best of both worlds, not one. Finally, I’m not a hypocrite. This is just my point of view of what this ‘frustrated pedestrian and cyclist’ from Subang have to say.

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