Monday, June 23, 2008

Devil Beside You 恶魔在身边

I know this is quite an old show but i never really get the chance to really watch the whole drama, so i went and buy the whole set of the show last friday. Guess what, once i started it, i was totally hooked to it, keep playing one episode to another. I even watch till 6am in the morning! Though sometimes their reaction is a little ridiculas but overall, it's a really lovely romantic comedy movie. Honestly, i did tear alot for this drama series, i'm really a cry baby towards all these kinds of movies. Oh yeah, one more thing, i also love this is because it's in chinese!

It's a Taiwan Drama, this is the sypnosis:

At the beginning of Devil Beside You, a sweet girl named Qi Yue is in love with Yuan Yi, the captain of the school's basketball team. She has finally decided to confess her feelings in a love letter. But because she is so uneasy and nervous about handing Yuan Yi the letter, she accidentally presents it to Ah Meng, a notorious bad boy. In a hurry, she drops her letter and runs away in embarrassment. Ah Meng takes the letter and blackmails Qi Yue, saying that if she doesn't become his slave he will reveal the letter to the entire school. Unwillingly, Qi Yue becomes entangled with Ah Meng, whom she calls "the Devil." Even worse, by pure coincidence it turns out Qi Yue's widowed mother is getting married to Ah Meng's divorced father! Soon, Qi Yue starts getting more and more attracted to Ah Meng as their relationship progresses and Ah Meng loves her in return. They must figure out how to have a relationship when they are about to become siblings, and to make it worse, there are many others competing for the love of Ah Meng and Qi Yue.

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