Monday, June 23, 2008

ANTM Cycle 7


She was the 1st runner up. I like the way she thinks when she was in the show, i dont mean is good to be a total hater to other girls but in this way, she really did depend all on herself to get things done. With this, she had won alot of challenges. Sometimes really it doesn't matter what others think of you but it is how you think of yourself and by the way, it is a competition. So basically you are not there to make friends but you are there to win.
That is why she's the runner's up, call me a hypocrite if you want too, but seriously, if she was a little more nicer, she might have just won.

Winner :

I like her name, sounds so dee dee from dexter's lab! She really did deserve to win it, i guessed it before they announced it. I didn't know that she could be so fierce while she was battling against Melrose just because she did not like her. haha.. As long as you don't make her hate you, she's nice. Really nice.

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