Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mates,Dates, and Mad Mistakes

it's a really cool book i can say,
at first i didn't really get it and was blur about what are they talking about.
but as i go along,
it gets interesting and finally caught my attention and i couldn't let the book go.
sometimes it makes me feel like i'm in the same situation,
it's really cool that it also gave some tips about life and stuff.

i got this book while i was hanging out with my mom the other day.
by the way, i did not only grab this book,
but also another series of this book and 2 other stock clearance book.
oh yeah, and seventeen magazine which have the summer splash tickets in it.
it's so great cause i really wanted to go last year with tai sze but i can't cause it's exam year.
hehe, so this year i'm going with shannon,sarah and they all.
wanted to grab cleo also but weird,
i mean it's like end of the month already and they still haven publish they june series yet?
the manager got to start to doing something major for this problem,
yeah, it's important, hey, even women's weekly had theirs out.
don't forget, cleo, you cost the same price as women's weekly,
people might still just buy women's weekly no matter how good is your heading cause they are out earlier.

by the way, i kindda totally forgotten how much fun is it to hang out with your parents cause they pay for everything, you don't have to worry about transport and time. haha.
i guess i was so caught up with my own life and was quite rebellious towards them at that period of time.
ok wait, let me rephrase that, fun hanging out with my mom but not dad. haha. dad is a bore, unless i wanted to get anything for sports then yeah, he's fun.
fun as in cause he knows alot about sports stuff and he pays. haha.
seriously, now on, i'm being a good girl,
staying home as much as possible,
i missed home too as i'm also kindda broke at the mean time.
i have to stop being so 'i want to do it my way' and be more mature and deal things the young adult way.

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