Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interview? doesnt seem like it....

I went for interview today in KL.
woke up at 5am and leave house about 6.16am.
my interview starts at 8am but got to be there 30minutes earlier.
my dad is the early kind, so we ended up being an hour earlier.
i meet my japanese teacher as she works there now.
hope that she'll help me get in the college.
so, i waited,waited and waited.
around 7.30am, ppl starts coming in and i'm getting nervous as they all look so smart and confident.
then i realise that all the girls are wearing baju kurung no matter they are chinese,indian or malay. hahaha, i pulak wearing formal which is a red colar blouse a brown skirt and heels that are not covered.hahaha...
at that point i feel like, 'oh crap, i feel like i'm not gonna make it cause of my dressing'.
Anyway, that is where i meet shalanee(indian) and ely(malay).
there were suppose 6 of us for the 8am interview but only 3 came and cute thing is, the 3 of us who came all wear in shades of red and there is muhibah going on.
we took our personality test(induk) for 30minutes,
there's like 136 question,
worst thing is that i couldnt finish it while there other 2 could.
then, it makes me feel again like 'oh, crap, i'm so not gonna be in, i'm so failing the test!'
then, it is time for solo interview which i had to go in 1st.
dumb dumb, haha, the interview wasnt the serious serious kind. but it was ok la.
what i cant believe is that, the interviewer had actually ask weird questions to my fren like ' do u like to eat sambal?, what ur fav indian food?, your baju kurung very nice, can i get the taylor's number?' and i'm like WaaKakakaka when she told me.
all three of us had a really great time outside the interview room.
we laugh at all the funny questions they asked us and we were envyed by the ppl whom interview for sencondary school TESL because theirs are super Serious.
but then i at one point i was like ' oh crap, why thier interview like so long wan, my like so short. why their interview got so much of laughter but my was like more serious wan? ish ish, i feel like dying!!! i'm so not gonna get it!! '
then we got like a break before our group interview and one writing test.
then there's one guy whom are from the 10.30am session came early for interview.
so he like joined our group interview la.
group interview was fun as i expected cause we are all like pakat to help each other up. haha, it was seriously like casual talk!
then when the interviewer stopped us, both of them where like ' u ppl can really talked, semua suka cakap. ' hahaha, i mean we were all like thinking is that a good sign or bad?? '
then we took our written test, there was to question, one is about women drivers and another is school concert.
we are to pick a topic and write anything about it.
it sounds easy but when u were put to the spot for 30 minutes only. it's like another ' oh crap, my writing is bad, the paper got no line for me to write straight,the words i use is so stupid and random, my spelling even worst, i'm so not getting the place! '
so basically that's the end of it la.
sadly, i only will know the results like in a month time. it's 10 june. haha, so i'm going to lepak for the next 3 weeks, i'm not going to form 6 no matter what. i'm gonna write surat berhenti to ACS.

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