Saturday, May 31, 2008

Choice of a life partner.

Big thank you to Ps Richard and his wife for helding the seminar.
Thank God that i went for the seminar.
It had help me to realise that i've done the right thing of breaking off from the attachment that i had.
There should be no compromise in dating a non-christian. Answer should always be a big fat NO!
I should have listen to what Johnathan Kok had said to me earlier.
Now i realise that he is actually mature in certian areas.
Sorry kok kok but thanks for being like a younger brother to me.
Thanks for Shannon whom had message me immediately after reading my blog.
Gosh, i miss her. Can't wait to go out with all of them for the summer splash event. I want to get the goodie bag!!
Definately i'll miss him sometimes but i'm truely over him.
God had given me a breakthrough, just like what zlwin had said the day before the seminar.
Thanks to sis kim whom had prayed for me through the phone.
By the way, i've told Ps John about my relationship when the seminar was held since i only get the chance to meet him after so long.
Guess how he reacted!! His reaction was priceless and hysterical!!! That is what you get from letting your pastor that you are attached while you are still teenager. hahaha....
I cannot take it, it was just really funny, i wish i had video tape it!!
Can't really blame him cause he never had any contact for so long and definately was shock cause everything was so fast.
I guess he did have a higher expectation for me cause i'm a youth leader in church.
I had re-write the list anyway. hehe..
Hope that my 'the guy' will fufill the list in the future.

Jesus takes the wheel..
take it from my hand..
cause i cant do this on my own...
i'm gonna let it go..
so give me one more chance..
save me from this road i'm on..
Jesus takes the wheel..
by Carrie Underwood

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