Saturday, May 31, 2008

Choice of a life partner.

Big thank you to Ps Richard and his wife for helding the seminar.
Thank God that i went for the seminar.
It had help me to realise that i've done the right thing of breaking off from the attachment that i had.
There should be no compromise in dating a non-christian. Answer should always be a big fat NO!
I should have listen to what Johnathan Kok had said to me earlier.
Now i realise that he is actually mature in certian areas.
Sorry kok kok but thanks for being like a younger brother to me.
Thanks for Shannon whom had message me immediately after reading my blog.
Gosh, i miss her. Can't wait to go out with all of them for the summer splash event. I want to get the goodie bag!!
Definately i'll miss him sometimes but i'm truely over him.
God had given me a breakthrough, just like what zlwin had said the day before the seminar.
Thanks to sis kim whom had prayed for me through the phone.
By the way, i've told Ps John about my relationship when the seminar was held since i only get the chance to meet him after so long.
Guess how he reacted!! His reaction was priceless and hysterical!!! That is what you get from letting your pastor that you are attached while you are still teenager. hahaha....
I cannot take it, it was just really funny, i wish i had video tape it!!
Can't really blame him cause he never had any contact for so long and definately was shock cause everything was so fast.
I guess he did have a higher expectation for me cause i'm a youth leader in church.
I had re-write the list anyway. hehe..
Hope that my 'the guy' will fufill the list in the future.

Jesus takes the wheel..
take it from my hand..
cause i cant do this on my own...
i'm gonna let it go..
so give me one more chance..
save me from this road i'm on..
Jesus takes the wheel..
by Carrie Underwood

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mates,Dates, and Mad Mistakes

it's a really cool book i can say,
at first i didn't really get it and was blur about what are they talking about.
but as i go along,
it gets interesting and finally caught my attention and i couldn't let the book go.
sometimes it makes me feel like i'm in the same situation,
it's really cool that it also gave some tips about life and stuff.

i got this book while i was hanging out with my mom the other day.
by the way, i did not only grab this book,
but also another series of this book and 2 other stock clearance book.
oh yeah, and seventeen magazine which have the summer splash tickets in it.
it's so great cause i really wanted to go last year with tai sze but i can't cause it's exam year.
hehe, so this year i'm going with shannon,sarah and they all.
wanted to grab cleo also but weird,
i mean it's like end of the month already and they still haven publish they june series yet?
the manager got to start to doing something major for this problem,
yeah, it's important, hey, even women's weekly had theirs out.
don't forget, cleo, you cost the same price as women's weekly,
people might still just buy women's weekly no matter how good is your heading cause they are out earlier.

by the way, i kindda totally forgotten how much fun is it to hang out with your parents cause they pay for everything, you don't have to worry about transport and time. haha.
i guess i was so caught up with my own life and was quite rebellious towards them at that period of time.
ok wait, let me rephrase that, fun hanging out with my mom but not dad. haha. dad is a bore, unless i wanted to get anything for sports then yeah, he's fun.
fun as in cause he knows alot about sports stuff and he pays. haha.
seriously, now on, i'm being a good girl,
staying home as much as possible,
i missed home too as i'm also kindda broke at the mean time.
i have to stop being so 'i want to do it my way' and be more mature and deal things the young adult way.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interview? doesnt seem like it....

I went for interview today in KL.
woke up at 5am and leave house about 6.16am.
my interview starts at 8am but got to be there 30minutes earlier.
my dad is the early kind, so we ended up being an hour earlier.
i meet my japanese teacher as she works there now.
hope that she'll help me get in the college.
so, i waited,waited and waited.
around 7.30am, ppl starts coming in and i'm getting nervous as they all look so smart and confident.
then i realise that all the girls are wearing baju kurung no matter they are chinese,indian or malay. hahaha, i pulak wearing formal which is a red colar blouse a brown skirt and heels that are not covered.hahaha...
at that point i feel like, 'oh crap, i feel like i'm not gonna make it cause of my dressing'.
Anyway, that is where i meet shalanee(indian) and ely(malay).
there were suppose 6 of us for the 8am interview but only 3 came and cute thing is, the 3 of us who came all wear in shades of red and there is muhibah going on.
we took our personality test(induk) for 30minutes,
there's like 136 question,
worst thing is that i couldnt finish it while there other 2 could.
then, it makes me feel again like 'oh, crap, i'm so not gonna be in, i'm so failing the test!'
then, it is time for solo interview which i had to go in 1st.
dumb dumb, haha, the interview wasnt the serious serious kind. but it was ok la.
what i cant believe is that, the interviewer had actually ask weird questions to my fren like ' do u like to eat sambal?, what ur fav indian food?, your baju kurung very nice, can i get the taylor's number?' and i'm like WaaKakakaka when she told me.
all three of us had a really great time outside the interview room.
we laugh at all the funny questions they asked us and we were envyed by the ppl whom interview for sencondary school TESL because theirs are super Serious.
but then i at one point i was like ' oh crap, why thier interview like so long wan, my like so short. why their interview got so much of laughter but my was like more serious wan? ish ish, i feel like dying!!! i'm so not gonna get it!! '
then we got like a break before our group interview and one writing test.
then there's one guy whom are from the 10.30am session came early for interview.
so he like joined our group interview la.
group interview was fun as i expected cause we are all like pakat to help each other up. haha, it was seriously like casual talk!
then when the interviewer stopped us, both of them where like ' u ppl can really talked, semua suka cakap. ' hahaha, i mean we were all like thinking is that a good sign or bad?? '
then we took our written test, there was to question, one is about women drivers and another is school concert.
we are to pick a topic and write anything about it.
it sounds easy but when u were put to the spot for 30 minutes only. it's like another ' oh crap, my writing is bad, the paper got no line for me to write straight,the words i use is so stupid and random, my spelling even worst, i'm so not getting the place! '
so basically that's the end of it la.
sadly, i only will know the results like in a month time. it's 10 june. haha, so i'm going to lepak for the next 3 weeks, i'm not going to form 6 no matter what. i'm gonna write surat berhenti to ACS.