Wednesday, April 30, 2008

yippie, i've got the interview!

ok, its just the interview but still thank God for it.
cause now, i seriously dunno why, i so wan to be teacher and get the scholarship!!!
i really want it!!
dun care la where they send me, to ULU places oso dun mind.
hahaha. suddenly so semangat pula.

tomoro choir competition,
cool, 1st time i get to watch. haha.
dunno wat will happen.
heard from them saying that pengetua say that kemuning is good.
heard that Acs is coming this year.
now only yeanmay sms me to bring my makeup set but to bad i'm not going school 1st,i'm going hamzah immedietely.

got lots of things i haven do yet!!
i got to study for interview some more.
interview is on the 13may.
very scare........
really pray that i get to impress the fellows who will be the one interviewing me.

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