Thursday, April 24, 2008

i'm gonna paint my nails neon colour

cannot tahan,
so bored wit my soft nail colours,
i'm so gonna buy new nail colours.
this time solid colours.

i will be late for convent canteen day
haih, sure no more food d wan la.

choir competition is coming up,
cant wait to see them compete,
1st time i'm watching and not in it.
hahaha, kindda love the feeling.

i'm so broke again
cause stop working,
hate the feeling of no money,
ish, watever oso cannot do.
i wanna be rich and happy.

i wan go toilet d.
butt still hurts cause tat day ride bicycle to fellowship hall for ping pong.
the bike sit is so hard. haha, must be so long did not ride d la.
and i was like breathing so hard. hahahaha.

i'm too free until everytime i look at the mirror,
i was like ' oh shoot!! i'm getting fairer and fairer. like ghost d!!! '
and i'm still using whitening facial wash and sunblock. hahaha.
i go crazy d.

today go tesco wit poh leong.
very funny,
we meet online and i just ask him wan teman me go tesco cause i wan buy shoe.
haha, i guess we were like so bored at home.
we go tesco, talk crap all the way. hahahaha.
laugh laugh laugh.
this shows that when u are too free u can really go crazy.
then i go his house play wit ginger for a while and go back home.
bought cleo magazine. ok la, the story tha may one, nothing big. the cover was nice though.

my dad ask me wats new??
i was like 'wat wats new??'
he was asking bout my application stuff.
but i was like thinking that he wanted me to say ' i'm pregnent or something!!!' hahahaha.
cause some one i know is pregnent and it just pop in my mind!!
seriously, i was joking cause as i say, i am too free!!!!!!

cant believe michelle broke up wit her future husband. so sad. they almost wanted to get married. tried wedding dresses d somemore. i was there for her fitting. pity....

thank God for so many things in life!!!
unspoken secret............

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