Monday, March 31, 2008

shiseido event.

30 march 2008, sunday.

morning i skipped church cause got to finish the GYLO minutes before the next meeting on wednesday and also i was tired cause last night worked till 1.30am at night.
For lunch i went 'bah kut teh' with family. i like 'bah kut teh', not sure why. It just taste so good. Though last week i just went with my work friends to eat in Sentosa. haha.
After sending both my brothers to the bus station and train station, my mom and i went to botanic for a shiseido event, the place was killer fabulous. I really feel like going back there to get some picture taken. Food wasn't that bad, was ok only. My mom was super happy cause she got this hair products which cost around rm380 by answering a simple question. hehe. i love my mom loads. I've learn lotz and i love all these kind of events, i love cosmetics!! I got a new expensive lipstick from my mom's goodie bag. hehe, lip colour doesn't suites her so pass it to me!! yippee!!

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