Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Never Break The Heart That Loves You

Why do you used to love somebody and now thinking of breaking up?
Why have you lost interest in someone whom you once loved?
I not only think or feeling but also know that the someone whom were once your beloved partner still do loves you very much.
That person took the day off so that he/she can spend time with you.
Pls dont be mean.
That person is not controling over you,
he/she just wanna meet you after a long time of not being able to feel your presence.
it's not easy to have a long distance relationship,
the times where in need of an ear to listen to all problem of the day, you r not there.
times where in need of a hug, you r not there.
times for a shoulder to cry on, you r not there.
times for just going out for no reason, you r not there.
have you ever thought of the TIME OF DAYS that you werent there?
Have you apologised?
how much of happiness and sorrows have you missed?
Did you apologised?
How many times have you broken that other person's heart?
What did you do?
Have you ever thought about it?
Or have you just been taking things lightly and the easy way out?

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