Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine To Me!!

Flying Solo!
My single day is the most exciting ones of my life!
WHY? Because.......
1> i can hav male frens without having to defend myself and explain that nothing is going on.
2> i can accept invitation to anywhere and everywhere without having to check with my special someone.
3> i can hav all the time in the world i want.
4> no one gets insulted when i'm having a great time on the beach checking out hotties.
5> i can learn to be indepentdent and focus in the things that want to do.
6> i'm my owe boss!!! not answerable to anyone!
For Valentine,
i'm treating myself a facial, meni and pedi,rest from work, be potato couch, chating with Gabby,SLEEP,SLEEP and more SLEEP!
i took the day off but night i gotto work. "'sweat"'
With the money that i earn, i'm gonna buy me a good liquid foundation,good concelear and a good anti dandruff shampoo.
haha, ok maybe shampoo i'll use my parents money. oh yeah, and a pore pack!my black heads is so killing me!
Happy Valentine to all my frens and family!!

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