Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wiped Out!!

i'm so wiped out of looking for jobs.
it's not hard looking for jobs,
it's not not easy for ppl to hire me,
it's not tough to get a job and get a good pay,
all these is only hard, tough and not easy when your a christian.

i'm not saying that i regreted being a christian or mad at God cause he did not help me to get a job,
i love being a christian,
it's was 1 of the best things that had happen to me,
accepting christ was my own desicion,
i did not ask my parents 1st before i accepted the lord,
it's was also not because of peer pressure or my friends,
it was my own choice.

it wasnt easy for me to get a job was because of my conditions,
i wanted saturday off, sunday morning and afternoon off, and friday evenings must be morning shifts.
i oso wanted a pay that is at least rm4 per hour.
i know it's alot to ask but it's because i dont wan to miss any of my church stuff.
i dont blame the ppl for not hiring me.
in fact i dont blame anyone or anything.
cause life doesnt always goes my way.
it's something that i've learned from TV.
watching TV is not a waste of time!!
the only thing is that ur must know how to pick the right shows to watch.

by the way,
sometimes as christians,
lots of sacrifices had to be made.
i'm might be broke and jobless,
i'm just thankful that i'm bless with a great family to support me a little here and there.
it's just enough if i safe and be triffty.
though, there are lots of things that i wanna buy.
i guess i just have to wait or dont be tempted.

for now,
i only can pray that God will provide me a job that could satisfy my conditions.
And soon..

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