Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mother's shoes

hehe, well, this few days i've been going out alot.
trust me, i meant alots...............
and most of the time in till at night before 10pm.
so, my mom was so worried cause dunno wat i've been doing out there.
though, most of the time i've told her where i am.
well, i guess it was just mother love and care..
i mean true enough if she dont ask, i would think that she dont care bout me.
well, i've got school mates that have parent that dont care bout what they do and who are they with.
thus, their child turn up wild but i good thing is that their street wise are way high..

2nd things was also cause i go out alot
my petrol keep on finish very fast.
so she ask me to control....
and she oso ask me to quickly get a job cause if i continue to be jobless,
i'll go out more often,spend money ,spend petrol, and come back late.
at least if i had a job,
she'll noe where and wat i'm doing.
not only that, can earn money somemore!
she so worry bout me..
but i cannot tahan,
it's not my fault dun wan work,
is just no one wan to hire your daughther!!

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