Sunday, December 28, 2008

Temporary unavailable

Hey guys!

Neway, i'm here to tell u all that i'm currently really busy, packed schedule everyday.
so i wont be blogging much although i have like tons of reviews an d stories to tell.
so i'll catch up with u all soon! i'm tired like mad!!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year
in advance
to all u reading now!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Disappointed in CARING PHARMACY and more reviews!


I saw that Caring Pharmacy was having a great sale on Silkygirl products. On purchasing an item, you'll receive a calender and if you purchase Rm20 and above, you are entitled to a makeup pouch. I was happily buying 2 new FUNKY EYELINERS in cool blue and solid gold, previously i had the frosty silver. Other than that, i've also bought some hansaplast(plaster) and Lady Speed Stick Deodorant. Before i do the reviews, let me give a piece of my mind on the Caring Pharmacy in AEON, Bukit Tinggi.

I was at the counter paying, i asked the lady for confirmation on the pouch and calender. So she told me that the calender is out but the pouch might have, she got someone to check for me. At the same time, she was also asking her friend beside her whether if there's stock or not. Her friend was like " I think finish d la, that day the girl took the last wan ". Of course i was a bit sad la cause i purposely went there to buy those stuff just for the free gift but what hit me the most is that when the lady respond to her friend " don't tell or talk here 1st, wait wait, later only we see ". The way she said it was like, if i know that there is no pouch in stock, i wont buy the eyeliner. I was already at the mid of paying, do you think i would ask for a refund? I am even more disappointed now on the service than not getting the pouch.

Anyway, as i was saying that i've bought the cool blue and solid gold funky eyeliner. It was ON SALE. Original price was suppose to be RM14++ but now is only RM10.90 in caring pharmacy while it's only RM10.88 in Guardian. Both stores you are entitled to a free calender. The differences is that in caring if you purchase RM20 and above, there will be a free pouch but Guardian don't. Of course while stock last.

Though SILKYGIRL is a drugstore brand, I find that their eyeliner is quite alright comparing with other brands. Other pencil eyeliner is rather to hard, doesn't give the easy glide on feature. These funky eyeliner is really off the hook! My very first eyeliner was the frosty silver, i guess i had some trust in this brand's to be my beginner kit cause i love that the colour is really shimmery! I didn't wanted to start on black eyeliner cause it will make my eye looked like just being punched! I would really recommend this product to those whom planning on starting on eyeliners. It has a really soft creamy texture that makes the color comes easily but the downside is that you’ll have to be extra careful upon sharpening it. Is best to stick to the basics by putting the pencil eyeliners in the freezer first before sharpening, this will help set the texture. Is really not that hard to use, you could always check out the YOUTUBE for guide but be careful on some prank video, some are there just for entertainment and self humiliation. I just don’t get them sometimes but I’m alright with that as long as you are not hurting anyone.
By the way, the pictures I got it from this website or Blog. Should really check it out, it has more of other reviews too.
I’ll do a review on the Deodorant after I’ve test it out. For a start, I love the smell and I love that is in a stick form! Its RM 8.90. Nice packaging too.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


not studying...
not studying...
not studying!!


cannot study...
my mind is not focus..
lots going on.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that i've bought, things that i've learn and things that the FICM will be selling.

I've went a serious deep shopping spree with Sarah last sunday after service. It is something we havent done together for a super long time. We went to old JJ.

Elianto was on 50% sale on certain items and it was like my 1st experience for Elianto to be on 50% sale! So i've bought their princess nail polish which before this was RM8, after was RM4. Colour is quite nice, can check out my fingernails now.

I've also bought their Baked Shadow, as shown on the left picture. I bought this colour cause i'm now in all the natural look. It was suppose to be RM15 but after discount was only RM7.50! Super saver!

Then, we went into Watson. As usual, Watson will have those certain items on super sale. I came across these mints.

I'm now on the craze of boxed mint. I have so many different types of mint till people thinks that i have bad breath.

Anyway, I wanted to try them so long ago. 1. Cause I like the packaging, 2. IT's JUST SO NICE! They got many other flavour but i picked lime and blackcurrent.

Price is 1 for RM6 something and 2 for RM10.80.

Foundation in Communication

July Intake 2008


We are doing Christmas Dedication!

Please support us for our event that is coming soon in January @ Taylors PJ Campus.

The cost of this Bear Bouquet is ONLY RM9.

It comes with one Ferrero Rocher and a Christmas bear wrapped into a really beautiful bouquet. All hand wrapped by FICM July intake students. Every single twist and turn is made with the heart that has a full Christmas spirit!

Please Email me @
to place order. We'll discuss through email about the postage price if required. If it is places that we could sent easily, we wont charge extra.

There will also be candycane selling soon. Pictures will be posted up soon. All these are only at limited time. Cause is only for Fundraising for our next event.

Talking about the review of the Diamonds perfume, YUP! As expected! I still smell good after a whole long day in college, summit and giant. Walking alot to find these fundraising stuffs. Love those perfumes!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rosette Coutures by Shannon Keng

Hey yo,

Just a review here.

I've recently bought samples of perfumes which is sold by my friend Shannon.

Is good to have small size perfume in hand cause you could just bring anywhere.

Though, after testing these perfumes, I've found out that they are very lasting. At the end of the day, you still can smell yourselves in these perfumes.

So basically, you actually don't even need to bring them out with you cause you'll still smell good after a long day.

This is my personal favorite! DKNY Delicious Night.

I've been wanting to try this perfume ever since it was launch but as you know me, I'm crapping stingy. I will never buy the expensive real thing unless I'm super crazy about it.

After a while so happen that my friend Shannon started her blog boutique business was selling all kinds of perfumes and stuffs.

I told myself i have to get this perfume! True enough i wasn't disappointed by the smell, i fell in love with it almost instantly.

Armani Diamonds...

I just got this today, havent gone through the day test yet but i'll test it tomorrow and do a review on it later.

So far its just alright, smell is not bad but it wasnt what i've kind of expected. It doesnt smell the way i thought it would be.

I'm not sure but i felt it smells very common. Doesnt really catch my breath and make me say wow.

All these perfumes are still available!
Price is only either Rm 12 OR Rm 10!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Love is not a Fairytale

This poster was made by one of Isabelle's friend. Thank You!
I believe love is not the only thing that is not a fairytale.
Is LIFE a fairytale?
No, it never is and it will never be.
There is no such thing as a shortcut when it comes to life, You will always have to work hard for it. It doesn't matter whether is it about your status quote in your present surrounding, or even just trying to earn a living. It's all part of life and everything that you want to achieve in your life, you have to work hard for it. The way of getting what you want is a whole different story, it's either you work your way through or you lie your way up. Truth or lie, you still had put an effort into achieving you goals. Who you are right now, is what you have done in your past, it's what you have learned that make you the person today. There is no one else to blame but yourself. If you have just speak up than just witnessing what other people is doing to your life, things might have changed. You choose to be this way, you choose to remain this way. So don't go complaining or whining about your life. We should be living our life to the max, giving ourselves a chance to just explore the world rather than just sitting where you are doing the same old thing. have a little faith in changes, it might not be bad, it might turn out better than you have expected.
I need to breath,
I'm so tight that i couldn't let loose of myself,
I don't want to lose the things that i have right now.
I need a sharper knife,
To free myself from this string around me,
Giving me the chance to stretch and reach out.
I need to stand,
From this old rugged chair,
That I've been sitting for as long as i could remember.
I need a change,
From the life that i had,
To give me feel the passion once more.
I need a life,
That could turn my sparks to a fire,
And a fire into a burning flame.
I need........
which i don't even have a clue
on what in the world i want?
Yours truly,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chocolate Banana cake

Made by Chef Patrick in our college.

It was choc on top, cake and banana in the middle.

was not bad! i like it!

but Chai Kim Pong disagree. hahahaha..

true, it does taste a bit funny but its alright. I still liked it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey everyone!

Havent been saying hello to all of you lately.

Basically, have been a super busy semester, short semester.

24 hours a day is like pratically not enough.

Planning an event in 7 weeks is crapping crazy.

But thank God that classmates were cooperative.

Most of the time if i'm not in class then i'll be at work.

Holiday also work. This Saturday and Sunday i have to go back to college for Campus Day.

Haven study!

IT is super confusing! But lecturer super Hawt! They call him Mr.Suresh, Mohinder Suresh from Hero's. Yup, that's how hot is he! Tall, dark and handsome! hahahahaha.

Sleep is important!

Monday, December 8, 2008

today at work

9-4pm job,
hehehe, Chef Karam made cream puff again!! yummm yummm....
He is one of the great Pastry Chefs!!
Fat wei working there, hahahaha, everytime eat only!! I lurveeeee it!
I get to know so many ppl ever since i started working there, especially when my Boss, Kevan is so outgoing and friendly.
Everytime when someone enrolled, i feel like i've contributed at least a tiny bit of their enrollement.
Thank God For The Job!

About the shadow palette i was talking about, i tried it a moment ago and it was better than i expected. I thought that all these drugstore brand, the colour will not be that obvious but it works like any other shadow.
the colour is intense and really nice.
I lurveeeee it.


I bought myself 2 more eyeshadow palettes!!
Its buy 1 free 1 la from watson, now they having some sale. Its just a cheap drug store brand but i'm okay with it, its around RM12.90. Dont forget, its buy 1 free 1.
And will be buying samples perfume from Shannon. haha, i told her to get me the Diamond by Beyonce wan..... GETTING IT!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fine Dining!!

Thanks to Roy and Colin and their frens!! i got fine dining... roy was like super tak biasa... hahahaha...

my duck was hard!!

mocktail was nice today...

i ate choc muse again!! luv luv luv..... IT!

Cream puff is nice!!! only taylor's chef make wan only nice... i went into the pastry kitchen.. wahhaahaha

3 campus tour today... one after another.. tiring but fun!!

calling, data entry, email replying....

one of the enrolled students brother is CUTE!!!!

Andrew is going sibu tomolo, for a roadshow, He'll go crazy there.. saw his GF.. hahahah...

Thank God he cheered me up after having a pretty down morning.... i was emo about something... i just reallly miss something...i dunno why oso.... its just arghhhh... so annoying,,, it almost spoil my day.... i lost my focus just because of that.....

my first campus tour today was like horrible cause i was still caught up in my emo-ness, even though tried to pretend to smile, i know i was just lying to myself that its not alright, and worst that the family i bring around wasnt tat frenly, the auntie was touch everything when i brought them to one of the design studio where there are some student work there.. haihzzz..

anyway, it turn out to be alright also today.hehehe....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Event meeting

2nd Semester first event meeting is tomorrow.
hahaha.. okok... tat is all..
no dance class this week, lousy nick going pahang, lucky i call him or else i bodoh bodoh waiting for him in dance class.
Anyway, i'll be working..
and now rushing to finish MMH work, thurs due.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks Giving

Yesterday was Thanks Giving!
I forgot....

Happy Thanks Giving!!
I just wanna thank everyone whom i know for my past
18 years and 5 months ++
even the doctors and nurses that pulled me out from my moms womb!
Sorry i couldnt introduce myself that time, it was very rude of me.
or else we might have been keeping in touch.
Cause i was still so busy crying...

Some old pictures and currently HK trip that i din go...



In Eygpt..
hehe, no la, joking.. it was all in Hong Kong...

On time for some HSM HK style.
HK disneyland

Parents was in HK Disneyland!

Parents HK trip, Wax Museum, Giving a speech..

David's House for christmas party.

somewhere in China, Brother and I, The pond was frozen, everything was cold..

Somewhere is china, My parents

Somewhere in China

Somewhere in China

Great Wall of China


Work started at 9.30am.
No dance class today as i told nick that i wan to work. He was nice enough to be okay with that than the usual bullying me. hahaha...
Worked ended at 6pm.
No cell, sis kim wan rest.
Toby and Patrinas' Baby boy was born!! Named Nigel!!
Someone i know house got robbed... Pls hope it will all be fine...
Kaven cook mihun for me and serene to eat, and serene belanja V-juice. I share Heidi's choc with everyone in the office, if they wan la.
eat steamboat with family... after so long..
then go Gaint, father is there to pay.. so... GRAB!!
Wanted to sleep d wan but got msg from Michelle to check result. Thought of waiting for tomorrow but cant wait... so force myself up and go online...
Result was average, Human comm was disapppointing but English was suprising..
i keep on complaining 2nd semester is next monday.
my mom say ' serve u right la, holiday oso work. Din take time off for urself. Everyday busy ni, never c your face at home oso'
I've watch 2 more movie after dinner and groceries shopping,
one is Fury and another is the zombies on plane wan, dunno call wat d.
crappping funny..
while watching, chunk down all the junk food that just bought.

i MiSS learning new STEPS....
i miss miss cat cause she not teaching us english next semester....
i miss mr LAW cause no more malaysian studies...

I loved a new old song!
It just suddenly catch my breath, just wish that the man of my dreams will sing that to me....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moo Moo cow is BACK


Tagged by Rhea foong yee

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Me, myself and i

Lee Jian Quin - Fact
18 this year - Fact
Short - Fact
loves mints - Fact + Habits
Busy - Fact + Habits
Loves cute Bald guys like vin diesel and chris daughtry - Fact
Thinks that high school musical 3 is not so nice - FACT
been eating alot recently -Fact + Habits
Wants to rear hamster again everytime i see them - Habits
Sleep cannot wake up - Habit

TAG - none - FAct + Habit that i dont tag people

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Langkawi Gift 1

From Heidi,

Dark choc and Lolipop!

Waiting for my onisann and julian..

Bytheway, sorry, serene and i left it in the office fridge. forgot to bring home.. dun worry will collect tomoro...

Thanks Heidi!!


Yesterday - Lunch, TQ Joanne
Today - Lunch,TQ Joanne
- Dinner, TQ Nicholas for one voucher, another i pay for my brother..
He was serving me... hahahaha...
Tomoro - Lunch, TQ Nicholas, this time he is joining us eating.

wah.... fat lo!!!!
Todays lunch duck is SALTY!!!! and dinner's Chicken also SALTY!!!
Todays lunch Dessert is CHOC Mousse!! Dinners dessert is PEACH Tart!! all so good....

I cant contain it...
So much i've got to give it away...
your love has to taught me give...
You are more than enough for me!!!
Thank GOD!!!

Wild Child

I got free tickets from MALAYSIAN TODAY newspaper. Actually is newspaper cutting la, i cutting, 2 tickets.
so i took 2 cuttings.
I invited my brother, sarah and aisha for the movie.
The movie was on the 25 november 2008, plan a month ago d.
i finish work at 6pm, and my brother walk with me to pyramid from my college.
we reach there at 7pm and start queuing, the redemption is at 8pm, i hour waited in the cinema..
after collected, my brother and i went arcade... play play play, till 9pm, meet sarah and aisha and went in the hall 1.
The movie was awesome!
So nice.... u girls should really watch it!! its so worth my time!! even my bro also say is a nice show.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Now working...

hehehe, resting from work,
waiting to go lunch with Joanne(Jun Qi),
We going Fine Dining!!
Thanks to JunQI!!
By the way, tomorrow also Fine Dining!!
Muahhahah, TQ TQ TQ lots lots JunQi!!
Later tonight, going to watch Wild Child, hopefully will be able to get the ticket. Me going with my brother, Sarah, and Aisha. It will be in pyramid, i'll do a review of it so that u all can decide whether wan to watch or not in the future.
My parents came back from Hong Kong d. They bought me Stuffsss...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


It's 12.38am Sunday morning,
I feel like i'm drunk,
took one penadol,
head still spinning,
cause i just came back from the movie Quarantine.
This is the show that i wanted to watch so long ago, ever since i watch the first trailer, i thought it was interesting.
There were 9 of us,
My brother, Esther, Alvan, Brain, Alex, Larry, Caleb, Jasen and me.
23 November is ALEX YONG BIRTHDAY!!

We bought a cake for him,

My parents took my camera for holidays, so I don't have camera. Sorry ya, no pictures....

Quarantine was not bad but i just dont like the way its view, Major Headache wei!!

I feel like want to vomit!

The story was good and i know what concept they trying to tell the audience, the movie is meant to turn out this way.

At 1st i was like complaining like mad about the show cause is headache and boring but comes to the panic part, man, real PANIC.

I almost wanted to get out of the cinema but stayed through la,

the movie started at 10pm ends at 11.30pm. Its only around 1 1/2 hour show.

wasnt that bad,


By the way, i got my Shirts4real T-shirts already. Will post pictures once my camera is back.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

You Tube

YouTube is now a very renowned website where basically anyone could publish their videos. Honestly, I myself do love hunting for interesting videos on YouTube. It is really helpful in many ways. For example if you need to find some advertisement for assignment, YouTube is always there. Of course, you also have to count your luck because not always you get what you want basis. You have to make the best out of what you have got, be creative to improvise and improve on adapting changes that at the beginning didn’t go according to your plan. This actually help to improve critical thinking as you will crack your brain to think outside of the box, this usually happens when you have no other choice or alternatives.

Personally, I love using YouTube to search for makeup tips, nail care tips, skin care tips and etc. Before this, I used to search for all these tips from Yahoo or Google and usually the result will always be in a way that I will have to read and use my imaginative mind to figure out how it will look like after this is done or that is done. Most of the time when I try the tips out by following exactly the way they guided, it usually don’t turn out right. It will always be a huge difference from what I had in mind. With YouTube is different because it is visual, most individual works better with videos. One great thing about video is that you are able to see how the exact look will be like, there is nothing to be unsure of. Besides that, most of the videos are quite clear and if you have a good reception for internet line, you do not need to wait for very long for loading.

Since anyone could be their own producer, people start posting all kinds of stuff on YouTube. From homemade comedy to homemade sex videos. It is good that we could see many talents were found but pornography is not something that should be allowed on YouTube. These days, many kids are actually getting a hang off computers as it has been a must for an individual to know how to operate a computer in this world. I believe that in the future the computers will be getting even more complicated and advance. Most of the things now are run by computers or machines, we hardly keep records in fail form anymore. It is outdated and inconvenient.

If I’m not mistaken, YouTube management did have an above 18 policy to enter to pornography videos. It is where you will have to identify yourself as 18 years old and above, then only you will be allowed to enter the site. It is good that they have thought about this thing but with these days, anyone could fake their identity. It is the internet, nobody is real. Many had lie about themselves on the chat room and blogs. It is bad exposing so much of pornography for children at their young age. What is being stored in their mind in their younger age will be what they are in the future.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

*eyes closing*

hey everyone,
sorry that i wont be blogging much for now cause

1. my big fat brother is back! hahaha, no la.. not fat la.. but he is back.. so most of the time he is using it.

2. i'm currently busy working as a student helper in college... i usually work from 9am untill 6pm.. crapping tired.. working with Joanne and serene and zhao wern too...

3. youth is currently pretty busy cause we are short handed.... really lack of ppl in the ministry.. works are overlapping.. many of us are doing afew ppls job... rush up and down...

so i'm really busy like mad.. holidays oso not like holidays... 1 week is almost ending, one more week to go till 2nd semester starts...

i have no break, 24hours on the go, i'm currently a bit sick, 1st got sore throat infection by serene, 2nd bad bad bad very very bad flu, 3rd feverish.....

things are worst when my parents now are on holidays in Hong Kong, i the only one can drive at home,making time to fetch them here and there. I havent even bought my father's fish food to feed!!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stuck post

Don, stop playing with the car!!

David trying to act expert!!!

and the rest trying to do something to the car..

before leaving, zlwin have to take some pic with these hawt girls 1st.

look at the sponsers!!

KDU.... enter hell gate... creepy at first as christians but then its just a event. we went to support our sister suling, not halloween..

hey couple, why hidding behind the tree??



Emcee Joker..

they are really cool, i'll post video later.i have part of the dance only.

Zlwin doing magic tricks

Look at the DECO!!!

the place.. hall is super big!!

outsided.. packing magician stuffss

Thanks zlwin for driving!! and david too!!

Pushing car... i was in the car..

last pic of the day...


call call call, press press press.... handphones for emergency.... really!!! good technology!!

i steal some pic from zlwin blog, simon was taking the pictures....

us.... hahahaha.. zlwin behind camera

push push push!!

This is the post about being stuck in the middle of the road somewhere around middle of the night.
after the charity halloween event by KDU.
we almost blow up the whole car!! hahahaha... thank GOD!!
My parents were worried tat day but its ok...
hahahaha, good times...good times.... remember for life!!!
for more info,
these two ppl had written the whole essay about this incident and the KDU event.