Friday, November 9, 2007

.SPM. No Fear*Let's Cheer!

i'll be off from computer for a while.
until after my last paper on 26 of Nov.
cant wait!!
last night got some blessing msges from some ppl for SPM.
all my age wan... haha..
i felt so sorry for not replying some of them,
cause i was just so lazy.
i was decorating my old hand phone,
making it more glamorous & fabulous!
that handphone was preety hard to use.
the keypad spoil spoil wan
very hard to press!!
my thumb still hurts right now.

i wanted a T-mobile or a Tech-mate badly
it a very cool handphone that the 'ang-mo' ppl use.
i went goose hunting for it...
but Malaysia still dun have yet.
haha, so i'm now planing on getting something similar,
a nokia engage!!
or maybe a nokia E70..
if anyone want to sell or give away these handphones,
dun forget to inform me!!